My Takeaways from BlogHer13

If the Internet is flooded with blogging conference post-mortems this week, it should come as no surprise. After all, 5,000 or so bloggers spent a few days of quality time together at the annual BlogHer conference last week, and like true communicators, we need to process and share....more

Words Escape Me

Holiday season is upon us. Ah yes, the family get togethers, the office parties, the presents. Lots of merriment, twinkling lights and auld lang syne. And of course, the festive meals....more

Two Lost Keys and Goodbye to Summer

Procrastination and denial are the culprits. This is a post that can wait no longer, with the official debut of the fall season tomorrow. Yes, it's time to say goodbye to summer.Sigh.Our summer weekends are pretty damn wonderful. My family has a beach house on the New Jersey coast, "down the shore," as the vernacular goes. Just two hours away is our beloved getaway. My husband and I, and assorted other relatives, relish our summer weekends of pure relaxation....more

Remembering the Sky

In the end, it is the sky that day that haunts me. A sky so purely, brilliantly, heartbreakingly blue. Cloudless. Endless....more

The Woman in the Mirror: a Personal Reflection

I remember sitting in a college French class absently twirling a string of my hair and half listening to the professor talk about idiomatic expressions. Until one in particular caught my attention.Etre bien dans sa peauThe literal translation is "to feel well in one's own skin." It means to feel good about yourself. But typically the expression is used in the negative -- ne pas etre bien dans sa peau -- and relates to anxiety or dissatisfaction with yourself. As in "I'm too fat, too thin, not pretty enough, not smart enough ..." Wow, I thought....more

Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned

According to the calendar it is still summer, but for those of us in higher education summer will soon be a faded memory. I work in a marketing and university relations department on a college campus, and the new academic year is just days away. Goodbye summer, hello students!I won't deny that I'll miss the quiet (and clean bathrooms). But I do love the start of the semester, greeting returning students and getting to know the freshmen. The campus practically hums with positive energy and new possibilities....more

Two Billion Eyes were Watching

I'm pretty sure I will never be a rock star. I will not experience the jolt of adrenaline pumped by the roar of an adoring crowd, nor be whisked past fans clamoring for an autograph. No photos of me will be emblazoned on the front pages of international press. Ebullient family and friends will not share the story of my meteoric rise to fame with everyone they know....more

My Son is in the Olympics

(Cue the booming drum) DUM, DUM, DUM, DUM ...(Cue the bugles) Dum, dum, de dum dum dum dum, dum dum de dum ....Allow me to translate. That, my friends, is the thrilling and iconic Olympics refrain, which is giving me goose bumps even now. BECAUSE MY SON EVAN IS IN THE OLYMPICS!!...more
That was my son! He was in the Industrial Revolution part. :)more

More than Once

When I was eight years old, my parents took me to my very first Broadway show. As the curtain rose and the orchestral music swelled, a hush came over the crowd. My eyes grew wide with expectation.And then the magic began....more

Cheeky Cherubs

Can I share my latest obsession? I can't help but smile when I think of them: the precious pint-size duo from Essex, England, the little British girls who are taking this country by storm. On the cuteness scale, they are way off the charts. Meet Sophia Grace and Rosie....more