Weekly Resolution Dry Erase Board Tutorial

Well it’s that time again, and everyone is determined and enthusiastic about their New Year’s resolution. However, February rolls around, and then March, and by April you’re thinking “What was that New Year’s resolution I made?” This is something I have faced again and again. ...more

Clothespins + Chalkboard Paint = The cutest note board ever!!

I don’t know about you but I feel like my to do list grows longer everyday! ...more

Hours of excitement! Almost time for the count down.

Are you getting ready?...more

Bye, bye Fat Talk! Become your biggest fan

This sponsored post by Special K aims at shutting down fat talk and promoting positivity when it comes to weight management success! __ A new year is here and so is the time for self-evaluation, bright new aspirations, and shiny new resolutions. Two weeks ago, I took a vow here to shut down any derogatory jabs at body image, aka “fat talk.” ...more

Party On! …It’s Almost 2014!!

2014 is less than a week away! What are your plans to ring in the New Year? Need a party banner, favor printables, new calendars for 2014? ...more

A Look Back at December!

Has December been as much of a blur for you as it has been for me? I turned my back for one minute and the month is nearly over! Maybe December falls into the cracks of the space-time continuum...more

10 Cold-Day Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy

Christmas is over, but school is still out! Ack! That means loud choruses of “Mooooomm…I’m BOOOOOORED!” ....more

Ebook Giveaway – Pin It Quick!

Tell me you’ve seen our fantastic new Ebook, “Your Top 12 Contest Winning Homemade Cleaning Recipes“?...more

Slow Cooker Winter Squash Chili

It has been so cold here in my little corner of the world. The weather forecasters keep predicting big snow storms, but the most we’ve seen is a few skiffs of snow and a lot of grey skies. We do have the light and cheer of the holiday season to add a little warmth this time of year, but when those cold winter winds start blowing ....more

21 Ways To Be a Little More Giving This Season

I’d like to think I am a good person. ...more