100 Pushup Challenge is for Women Too!

I started the 100 Push-ups in 6 Weeks Challenge almost 5 weeks ago, and what a difference it's made for my stamina (and my cleavage!).  I've been twittering about my progress and see that many other folks are doing the same, but where are the women doing the challenge?  The challenge, a straight-forward program you can do anywhere, is not gender-specific, but I dare say the results of the workout are different (cleavage not withstanding).  I am on Week 5--and tomorrow is day 3.  My best set thus far has been 52 push-ups to exhaust ...more

Blogging While Brown July 25-27, 2008 Atlanta, GA

I hadn't heard of this conference.  I won't be able to attend this year but have sent the ...more