Monday Weigh-In

New post on my blog with this week's weigh in and a question regarding photography in food/recipe blogging. Monday Weigh In  Excerpt:  1.5 pounds! ...more

Blogging + BlogHer?

I'm torn on what to do with blogging here and blogging on my website ( - a.k.a. the blog I sweated and toiled over!). What's the proper protocol: 1) Post here and copy the same content to my blog? 2) Post on my blog and copy an excerpt here with a link back to my blog? 3) Something else? ...more
lol I agree with @victorias_view and @Denise . I post to my own blog, and then I post the ...more

Post-Vacation Blues

Today’s the first day back from work since we had a 4-day vacation to northern Minnesota. Five other couples plus Tim and I rented this HUGE house on the lake and had the most wonderful time. ...more

The Scourge of the Farmers Market

I love summer, I really do. ...more
@sassymonkey I love lazy recipes! Looks delish!more

Making My Mark

I was sifting through the topics list for about 5 minutes before I gave up and started writing. (I ended up picking "From the 'hood" because I truly had no idea what to put!) I'm having a bit of a crisis. A crisis that I can only describe as a "mid-life" crisis, but I had my first one at 28, and now I'm having my second at 38. I'm pretty sure I had a mini-crisis at 18, so I'm just going to call this the "Curse of the 8's" and move on. ...more