Final results of my Paleo experiment

 I decided to cut my experiment of going Paleo to just 21 days.  There are good and bad things about this way of eating for me....more

Cupboards probably as bare as the Paleo era

 Dang, we are going through nuts, meats and veggies so fast I can barely keep them in stock here.  My cupboards are bare.  I was searching for a bare cupboard picture and the picture below popped up.  Sorry if it offends anyone but I can't stop laughing....more

Eating Primal/Paleo while out of town

Oh my, I've been out of commission for a number of days tending to my booth at a convention.  Even with this crazy schedule I've had, I was still easily able to eat Paleo style.  I can't possibly recreate exactly what I ate but this is what I can remember....more

Super busy but still super Paleo

I've been super busy these last few days, but with a little bit of planning, I could still eat healthily.Breakfast:smoothie: almond milk, raw coconut flakes, coconut oil, cacao nibs, berries, banana, kale, flax seed...more

Coasting along the Paleo highway

I got a little behind and have two days' worth today.  So far I'm not tired of any foods yet but think I better start exploring some Paleo worthy recipes.  If you have any, please share.Breakfast:2 eggs and 2 pieces baconsalad with vinaigrettecoffee with almond milk and cacao nibsLunch:...more

Fat is yummy

So far this seems pretty easy but I will have to say I've had that feeling before in the days when I used to forever diet.  The difference this time is that I'm not trying to diet, although, like I said before, I wouldn't mind losing a few.  I still don't ever remember when I've enjoyed my food so much..ever.  I wonder what that's all about.  In the old days, when left to my own devices, I would eat pretty much pure carbs with very little protein or fat....more

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

 Well, I will have to tell you I feel quite fantastic.  I woke up refreshed at 5:15 this morning and I went to bed at 11:00! Perhaps it's the avoidance of dairy and wheat. Normally I avoid wheat and dairy but had strayed off and on since the holidays....more
 @FatCat I heard about it a few years ago but kind of ignored it until I listened to Mark ...more

Who knew food was so tasty?! Paleo Day 2

  Wow, I am actually discovering how good food can taste.  I can't say I even understand what's going on, but every morsel of what I'm eating tastes really scrumptious.  I'm also starting to discover I don't have to eat as much as I think I need.  My portions so far have been too big but I don't realize it until the end of my meal.  This way of eating is extremely satisfying....more

The Paleo Experiment

Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw.....Who do you listen to? Which one is the healthiest? Where do you start?  I've been experimenting with eating for most of my life.  It used to be because I hated my body and wanted to lose weight.  Now, it has nothing to do with that for me. Well, okay, I wouldn't mind losing just a few pounds, but I don't hate my "jiggly parts" anymore. ;-)  I want to know which style of eating is really best for MY body....more

Crazy Yummy Cheap Healthy Soup

Crazy Yummy Cheap Healthy Soup I saw a butternut squash the other day at the store and decided to try my soup again. I wanted to get my veggies in for the day, but with the slightly cooler weather, I decided a salad just didn't sound good. Don't do what I did and eat the whole dang pot!...more