8 signs you’re addicted to food

 I learned how to count calories when I was 11 years old. But that didn’t seem to stop me from polishing off a pack of chocolate coins back then. Or that big birthday cake followed by a pint of ice cream that nearly sent me to hospital.My sister told me that I needed to work on my willpower. I guess that’s something I lacked. Even today.  I’ve lost and gained a thousand pounds since then. For the most part of my teenage years, I felt out of control and yet deprived, undeserving of anything good.  ...more
Alejandra_Alex_Ruani ClaireV.Sanders I think my list is so long, it will prob take years!!  I ...more

Your ideal weight

 I have a confession to make. I'm nowhere near my ideal weight. Or at least what I've considered to be my ideal weight for the most part of my life. In fact, as I reflect about my ideal weight, four completely different numbers come to mind! Let me show you......more

When Is The Best Time to Change? (Hint: Sooner Than You Think)

I woke up this morning reflecting about change. Through looking at my life in retrospect, I can think of two ways in which change has come about: either 1) as a result of a crisis, or 2) as a conscious decision....more

Can You Recondition Your Brain to Stop Overeating?

Today I'm going 100 percent geek on you. But I'm also giving you excellent action steps and a little gift at the end. So grab a cup of tea, read this post carefully, then read it again, bookmark it and make sure you take action!Did you know that your eating behaviors are hardwired in your brain?Your three brains and eating From an evolutionary perspective, you have three brains. Our most primitive brain is our reptile or lizard brain. Then our mammal brain developed. And finally, our neocortex....more

To stop food addiction, start eating the same foods daily. Weight loss guaranteed!

Medical News Today Food May Act Physiologically Like A ‘Drug Of Choice’ For Some ...more

Is Coffee Good For You? Harvard Tell Us It Might Have Some Health Benefits…

Remember when people (and Doctors!) used to worry that coffee was bad for the heart, would give them ulcers, and would make them overly nervous? In excess, coffee can cause problems. But the fretting about two or three cups a day, or even more, is fading as study results suggestive of health benefits from coffee keep on coming in. Recent research has linked coffee to health benefits, not harm, including possible protective effects from everything from Parkinson’s disease to diabetes to some types of cancer....more

Can Coffee Help You Live Longer?

Drinking coffee may add years to life, from the Harvard Health Letter ...more

Do You Really Want The Top Job? 7 Lessons Gloria Feldt Taught Me About Our New Female Power

"The most confounding problem facing women today isn't that doors aren't open, but that not enough women are walking through them," argues Gloria Feldt, best-selling author of the book No Excuses and founder of the movement Take The Lead.So, what's the solution?...more

How Feeling Fat Makes You Steal

Love me or hate me, but I am here to tell you the truth about something that you probably don't want to admit: Each time you worry about how fat you look, you are withdrawing from the opportunity to play on your unique talents and passions. Mental blocks, self-doubt, timidity, indecision and buried creativity as a result of feeling "weighty" are embarrassing, but very, very real....more

Is Your Typical Answer to This Question Limiting Your Career? Here's 3 Creative Ways to Turn That Around

It's happened to every woman I know in the workplace. You're in the coffee queue, waiting for the elevator or on your way to a meeting when you're asked a simple question that you often dread:"How are things?""Not too bad," you respond.Awkward silence....more