coffee barbecue sauce

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pump up the veggies

Originally posted at my blog, Health Savvy.If there's one thing that makes me cringe, it's when vegetables sit in the fridge for days... rotting, unused, lonely--wasting away, when all they want is to be eaten and to share the goodness that God endowed them with. We all know that vegetables are good for us, but "good for us" doesn't necessarily equate to "delicious." A lot of people despise vegetables, and they're really missing out. What exactly are they missing out on, you ask? Well, I wrote a haiku. ...more

Red velvet cupcakes that are actually kind of healthy. :]

Red velvet. Sweet, sweet Kryptonite... my one true weakness....more

Exactly how much is one stick of butter?more

The Enigmatic Calorie

Calories. They're those little numbers that occupy the top of our nutrition facts labels, but what exactly are they? Maybe they have tiny little faces, and little nubs for arms and cute little high-pitched voices, squealing "eat me, eat me!" Maybe they're just some arbitrary number derived by some convoluted method a bunch of science geeks came up with on their lunch break, huddled over their cheeseburgers and mouth-breathing into their French fries. Maybe, just maybe... they are the key to successful weight loss, maintenance, or gain. ...more