8 Personal Goal for a Healthy & Beautiful New Year

I know that you know that it’s a bit too late for any blogger to be posting anything about New Year’s resolutions seeing how we are a day past President’s day. However I ask that you please bear with me since I got a later start on my resolutions than most people. I have been recovering from major surgery for the past six weeks or so and haven’t had the ability to move forward with some of my goals. At any rate I am ready to begin everything today. My husband I have talked over the plans for our future and determined that something need to change....more
Big goals and all so meaningful!  Creating and building and nourishing our lives is such a ...more

Weigh-In #2: Keeping It “Real” (Confessing Failure)

Oh I hate keeping it real!  I'm really good at avoiding the scale and my blog postings when I've ...more

The Personal Reflections and Confession of a First Time Voter

Here is my confession… I am a 33 year old woman who has never voted. Gasp! I know. I know. It’s a sin and a shame. I’m sure many people would seek death by stoning as my punishment. Before casting your lot with them, please allow me explain. Growing up, there was never any talk about politics. I’m not entirely sure about how I know that my Grandmother (aka Gran, the woman who raised me most of my life) is a Democrat. It may have come up somewhere throughout the Clinton years possibly but that is the extent of my political knowledge relating to my family....more

A Doughnut Away…Or Change My Ways?

I’m seriously about one doughnut away from becoming pre-diabetic. I had fasting blood work done a few weeks ago and got the results on Wednesday. I was near tears when my doctor asked me what I was doing to better my health. I couldn’t even look him in the eye as I tried to explain that my eating wasn’t as bad as he may have thought. He asked had I seen the staff nutritionist and suggested that I see her again because my cholesterol isn’t that great either. It was both humiliating and awakening. ...more
Wish you the best of luck on your journey :)more