Final Thoughts on the Go Girl Triathlon

It's been six days since I tri'd and the flurry of training for my upcoming fall half has afforded me the ability to put the race behind me - like really behind me.Every once in a while, though, when I talk to someone who didn't see me earlier in the week or isn't a Facebook junkie like myself, I am inclined to rehash the details and shrug off the race. I find it a bit awkward as with even the worst running events, I can always say I finished. However, as the week has gone on and the story has been retold, I have been able to reflect without the sting of disappointment ....more

Weekly Training Update: 8/18-8/24

Morning runner. Afternoon runner. Evening runner.It seems like when given the choice to define when you like to exercise, those are the three options ....more

Go Girl Triathlon {A Race Recap}

DQ.It's amazing how two letters can sting, how they can change the way you feel, how you want to look at yourself. I still feel them in the pit of my stomach, 48 hours after the Go Girl Triathlon. Pre-race ....more

Diary of a Stroller Run

It's 7:10 a.m.Miles is watching "Jake and the Neverland Pirates," and I sitting on the couch. Counting. Planning ....more

What's Really In The Fridge {Confession}

I opened up my fridge this morning, and I thought one thing: What the hell is going on there? Often times, you'll see these pristine fridges that are spotlessly clean and perfectly organized. That refrigerator, it is not mine ....more

Dear Treadmill, I Don't Need You

Dear Treadmill,I used to hate you. I used to think you were beneath me. I used to think you were the devil.But then I came around ....more

10 Things I Hate About ... Open Water Swimming

Until I moved to Fort Wayne, I didn't know about going to the lake or that going to the lake was a thing. But, apparently, it is....more

Inside Zevia: A Q&A with CEO Paddy Spence

For better or worse, I am not a blogger who routinely checks her stats. I write to write and share what I want to share. But when I have checked over the past few months, I've noticed something interesting: a lot of the search engine traffic is related to Zevia ....more

Weekly Training Update: 8/4-8/10

This week shall forever be known as the one that I remembered I'm preparing for a triathlon. Go me! Or, should I say, "Go Girl!"I think I got in a solid week of training despite a few things in my way ....more

10 Things I Hate About ... My Training Plan

I picked a training plan because it scared me. I figure if it scared me that it would make me a better runner.And, I think it has.The thing that I didn't bank on is that I would come to hate it. Loathe it ....more