Birth matters: Attempting a VBAC

This post has nothing to do with running but a lot to do with health and even more to do with lady business. Feel free to skip.I don't know what a contraction feels like. I didn't feel my water break ....more

10 Ways Driving a Manual Is Like Running

Seventeen hours, give or take, in a car. With my husband. And my toddler ....more

Gingerbread Pursuit {A Race Recap}

On Saturday, I ran the Gingerbread Pursuit, a 4-mile event that is the last track club points race event of the year. I throw up the peace sign because I'm cool, y'all. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to run this race ....more

15 Days In: Thoughts on the #RWRunStreak

I was tired. Grumpy, even. I moved with apathy and fatigue ....more

The Big 10

I didn't immediately recognize the car as I drove to the meeting spot but as I pulled into a parking space, it registered. There in her Outback was a member of the running club. She's a tough, fast lady whom I met last year on the fun that was running in the polar vortex ....more

Stocking Stuffers for Runners {+ Awesome Giveaway}

"Are we doing stockings this year?" Mark asked.I was putting the finishing touches on the mantle, my favorite thing to decorate for the holidays. There was a reindeer basket overflowing with fragrant potpurri and a string of frosted cranberries that ran along the length. Two silver snowflakes held knitted stockings and, from the arm of a snowman, hung a third stocking ....more

Locker room woes

I was a complete weenie today. While that admission is not the point of this post, it is integral to the story ... so hang with me.I wanted to run today ....more

Belly up: Modifying exercises for pregnancy

Knees, belly, knees, rise. Knees, belly, knees, rise. Find that belly button and introduce it to the bar ....more


Borrowing this idea from fellow Pro Compression ambassador Lora at Crazy Running Girl because ... why not.Currently ... OBSESSED with "Serial." The podcast is a spin-off of "This American Life," a long time favorite of mine, and looks at one-story — a 1999 murder case ...more

#RWRunStreak: Let's do this?

To streak or not to streak, that is the question. I've long been outspoken against running streaks. I thought them unnecessary, at best, and risky at worst ....more