No Treat Challenge: Cutting the Sweets

It was an innocent, kind gesture. "I thought baby might need a treat today."A friend had stopped at DeBrand Fine Chocolates, a favorite gourmet chocolate store in Fort Wayne, and bought the one of confectioner's seasonal treats – a ghost truffle...more

Things you didn't want to know {A Three Things Thursday post}

1. One of the side effects, symptoms, happy rewards of pregnancy is that the belly isn't the only thing that grows. The blobs of fat that sit atop the pectoralis major muscles do as well ....more

Education on the Bourbon Trail: Lessons from a relay

There are lessons with every step, with every mile.And the Bourbon Chase was no different.The 200-mile journey was full of learning opportunities, some of them on the guidebook side and other on the fun end. Quote me. Call it delirium or stir craziness but some funny things are said when seven people are in a van together ....more

The Bourbon Chase: A race recap

This is the true story of 14 (mostly) strangers, who chose to sit in a couple vans, run together and have their legs jacked up, to find out what happens when people stop being polite... and start getting chased. The story of how I came to be on the Pirates of the Bourbon Trail team is one made in social media heaven ....more

Friday Favorites {Part Deux}

While I'm away running the hills of Kentucky - and hopefully showing them who is boss ("I am a mountain goat. I am a mountain goat."), I thought I would share some of the interesting things that I've spotted recently. See it to believe it I posted a picture of this vest on the Healthy Strides Facebook page but it deserved a mention on the blog ....more

Packing for an Overnight Relay: Bourbon Chase Supplies

I put gas in the Mazda. I requested three big hugs and two kisses from Miles before leaving daycare. I have a stack of maps printed (never trust the GPS).It seems I am ready to head to the Bluegrass State to take on the Bourbon Chase, an overnight relay that takes runners through some of the finest distilleries between Louisville and Lexington.And though I'm packing for one, my hatchback is full with supplies for this 30-hour adventure ....more

Dinner Time Hustle {+ recipe}

I've long been grateful that I have a flexible schedule and accommodating boss. I go to work at 10 a.m. but can come in early or a little late. I can take a lunch and go to the gym ....more

Training During the First Trimester

Writer's note: These are my personal experiences with running while pregnant. My midwives/doctor know that I am a runner, and I have been cleared to exercise. I am a certified personal trainer but I am not issuing advice as a fitness professional ....more

Crowd Pleaser: Spiced Apple Cider

This weekend, it was a packed one. Two workout dates with friends, a movie date with my husband and a housewarming party that was sure to take the s'more.To try to prepare in advance, I took a rest day Friday and Miles and I got the grocery shopping done before I had to go to work. Supplies for dinners (chicken burritos, chili and lasagna soup) were bought, and I made sure there were ample freezer goodies for the boys when I'm gone later this week for the Bourbon Chase.The one thing I didn't have was something to take to the party ....more

To these, I confess

This morning, I nearly had an accident on my run. Of the No. 2 variety.(How's that for a blog lead?)I was grateful that Tami let me rest a minute at a street crossing to let the muscles relax so we could make it the half mile to the cars ....more