Daily Snapshot II

a) The reality of meal prep at 6:15 a.m. I try to pack my lunch – chopped chef salad and soup – while I cook my breakfast and make coffee. Please note the warehouse size container of Folgers.b) The boys are sleeping, still, as I eat my egg white-mixed green scramble so I page through one the IDEA Fitness Journal. It has the latest research but also some great ideas for classes ....more

Carmel Half Marathon Training {Week 4}

I am going to let you in on a secret – one that might surprise you.I don't want to PR the half marathon.It sounds weird, right? Many times we go into a training cycle with the hope of getting stronger, faster and nailing a certain time. I want to do those things, of course ....more

Filling the Freezer

When it was all said and done, I had cooked two lasagnas, a double batch of chili, two meatloafs, 18 meatballs, a dozen breakfast burritos, a whole chicken, a crock of slow cooker chicken stock, Italian orzo soup, chicken noodle soup (made with aforementioned chicken and stock) and a giant pan of Thin Mint brownies.Of course, when I set out to plan my meals for the week, I never intended to get my cooking out of the way in a day. I was just hoping to have time to make lasagna after a Saturday afternoon 5K (news flash: I didn't).But in some weird mimosa-driven frenzy, I did not only that but I coked for what I can only assume is the entire month.Now let's back up for a hot minute. With a 5K in the afternoon and the plan to make it a long run sandwich, I had the morning free to clean up around the house and grocery shop ....more

8 Things That Make Me Happy

What makes you happy? That was the topic of the hour on the morning show that I listen to during the morning hustle (home ...more

Play It Cool {Three Things Thursday}

1. I wasn't going to open the email I got an email from the organizers Carmel Marathon, the half for which I'm training. I figured it was just a call for registrations –which I should probably do because, you know, it's required – and I didn't need a reminder ....more

Daily Snapshot I

Daily Snapshot is a new feature, possibly, on Healthy Strides – it's part photo dump, part day in the life, part what I ate. Enjoy! a) Another day, another 5 a.m. run ....more

Carmel Half Marathon Treatment: Week 3

When life gives you ice, make ice cream. And when the universe delivers unseasonable temps, you get your ass of the treadmill and run outside. But when life gives you unseasonable temps and a bit of overnight freeze .. ....more

On the trail with Scott Jurek {Fort Wayne Track Club banquet recap}

Standing on the stage, Scott Jurek was hardly recognizable. The ultramarathoner, who set the Appalachian Trail record last summer, had traded his Brooks shorts and shoes for a button-down shirt, tie and sport coat. The thin, scruffy face that was photographed in Maine was clean shaven and a bit fuller.But the curly hair and affable smile gave him away ....more

Luck, Dried Up

I got some news this week. I won't call it bad or sad, though it definitely feels that way. With something like this, you can't really make it such...more

Thrown, for a loop

On Jan. 8, Mark celebrated his 36th birthday. It's always a challenge to select a good gift, as his birthday is two weeks to the day after Christmas ....more