Short and Sweet: New Haven 10K Race Report

I ran a race on Saturday.It was a 10K.In New Haven, Indiana.There were 272 participants. Some of them were my friends.Some of those friends had run 9 miles before the race (because they are marathon training) and were going to take it slow.I lined up with them. My goal was to start out with a 10-minute mile and slowly drop down from there, logging negative splits ....more

Out With The Old, In With An Alternative

Donuts are the devil. Scratch that. Donuts are heavenly, especially if they come from the Amish bakery ....more

Garmin --> Soleus: Making the Switch

If my Garmin had a name, it would be Hooker Face. The sexy purple watch stared at me for months – months – from my running drawer (because, yes, I have one of those). It taunted me, trying to coerce me into running after I put it there when my piriformis locked down at 31 weeks pregnant ....more

Weekly Training Update {7/2015-7/26/15}

My post-baby comeback has been slow, steady. Smart, even.Well, maybe.I started with short runs of 2 to 3 miles and then I went for four. Just as four became a bit less challenging, I adopted the weekend long run ....more

The B!&$# Knee and Why You Should Shop Local

I fell in love with the wood floors the moment we first walked into our house. They were original to the 1935 structure and added so much character. Some spots are worn and others are perfect ....more

Weekly Training Update {7/13-7/19}

Mark and I strive for equality in our marriage. I meal plan/shop/cook and he cleans after dinner. He does the laundry, and I put it away ....more

Dear Runner's World {August issues}

I've changed since becoming a mother. There's the obvious things: sleeping less, jiggling more, all the crying.And there's the obvious things. Just ask my running friends or the people in the front row of my group ex classes.I've gone from a girl who bought a size small sports bra, not caring about support, to someone strapping on a 34D in the hopes that the girls will stay put ....more

Weekly Training {7/6/15-7/12/15}

"How far do you want to go today?"After weeks of navigating downtown in the dark because of flooding, Tami and I had returned to the old, familiar path. We didn't have to run loops to tack on mileage or figure out which way would have fewer stops for traffic. We had to run out, turn and run back.As such, her question was pertinent and time bound ....more

Class in Session: PiYo Live

This next session is hard, the instructor warned. I can guarantee that you will need to take a modification at some point or rest in down dog. And that's OK ....more

Lately {Life + Running}

I've discovered the secret to the perfect selfie: Become so stressed, in life and work, that you lose all common sense. You pull out your camera and take the only 3 minutes you can spare to amuse yourself by staring in it. Trust me, it works ....more