All Things Considered

It has not been my week – for so many reasons.Miles has been sleeping terribly. I have been sleeping terribly, if at all. The external version, which left me battered and bruised, did not work ....more

From Market to Market {This Week's Menu}

My menu was set. My groceries were bought. Heck, they were even put away ....more

Take Me Away

It wasn't the worst news on the planet but it wasn't the best either.Baby boy, continuing his propensity for complicating life, is not head down as he should be at this point. Rather, he is butt down, legs straight out. My doctor, at the 36-week appointment on Friday, called it frank breech ....more

Back to Basic: What is Boot Camp?

It was the most challenging class I had led in a while, Mark said as he put on his jacket. It might have been the toughest I had ever done at the YMCA."Really?" I asked. It didn't seem that bad ....more


"I'm not sure how it's humanly possible for someone to pee so much."As I lumbered to the bathroom at 2 a.m., the fourth time since getting to bed at 9:30 p.m., it's all I could think about. Pee, why is there so much of you? WHY?!? ...more

On the Dinner Table

I think Mark was worried that a) the world was ending; or b) I was in labor when I called him to the kitchen frantically on Thursday morning.But, to his relief, it was neither. The problem? The crock of my slow cooker had a crack ....more

Redefining Fitness in the Third Trimester

"You're still pretty impressive."I turned around to see one of my favorite smiling faces, standing near the stationary bikes. I had just finished a hill workout (read: walk) on the treadmill, and I was getting my purse out of a cube locker."Thanks. I'm slowing down a bit," I told him ....more

It's in the Bag: Packing for the Hospital

"You wouldn't run a marathon and not eat anything, would you?" she asked.I nodded my head enthusiastically. "Heck, no!" I thought. "I have fun planning out my fuel for the marathon." But, as I looked around the room at the seminar hosted by my provider, "Perspectives on Childbirth," I didn't see many others in fervent agreement ....more

Tuesday, By The Numbers

1: Walk2: Bottles of Nuun (one Grape, one Fruit Punch-Lemon Lime mix)2.31: Miles covered3: Snacks consumed by the 3-year-old in the first mile. For full disclosure, it was an applesauce pouch, pack of fruit snacks and chocolate chip granola bar.4: The amount, in dollars, I spent on Miles' new jacket for spring. As he says, it "breaks wind."4.5: Number of times we listened to "Let It Go." To the people of the '07, I am deeply sorry.5: Number of times I had to stop to get the blanket unstuck from the wheels of the stroller.6: Number of feet actually walking20: Time, in minutes, it took to get ready for the walk36: The temperature, in degrees127: Times I feared I might need to go to the bathroom3.482: Number of questions that I answered during the walk, including 458 about what would happen if Miles ate our house and we had to live underground.0: Number of good answers I came up withOther notable numbers:1: Number of opened condom wrappers spotted ....more

Unexpected Surprise {Weekly Meal Planning}

Have you ever put a dish on the menu or, worse, been in the middle of cooking it when you decide that you don't want to eat it? I was in such a quandry on Sunday as I prepared the Middle Eastern-Spiced Turkey Burgers I had been inspired to make from Pink Parsley. I had thought they would be such a great meal when I saw the recipe and a great way to make use of the ground turkey I had in the freezer ....more