Le Resistance: A Thanksgiving Day Workout

"Gobble till you wobble." I've seen the phrase everywhere – on restaurant marquees, shirts, signs, home decor.And I despise it, with my disgust growing with each sighting. The idea that you have to eat till you are a roly poly Violet Beauregarde bumping into your aunt's oak hutch is ridiculous. There is just no need ....more

Merry Shopping, Baby

I don't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need. I don't care about other presents underneath the Christmas tree ....more

Two Races, One Weekend

You know what happens when you are mad at your husband. You turn on your computer. You log onto the Internet ....more

Splitting the Negative

It was the "Train Like A Mother" Finish It plan that first introduced me to the negative split. I was following the schedule as I trained for the Columbus Marathon in 2012. Depending on the prescribed workout, the goal was to run particular sections of the run faster than the previous sections ....more

A Monumental Experience

Have you entered my giveaway for a Meijer and P&G prize pack? You should. Go do it ....more

Make More Time for You {Meijer Giveaway}

Call me Mili Vinilli but I blame it on the rain. Well, partly I blame the baby but mostly the rain.This summer, when Fort Wayne experience record rainfall that caused severe flooding, our typical family activities were washed out. There were no bike rides to the park to play; the equipment submerged under dirty, mucky water ....more

Running, Racing and Breastfeeding {Part 2}

This fall, I navigated a curious and sometimes tricky path of trying to run, race and feed Silas. While I have been successful on many levels, I've also faced my fair share of challenges. As such, I thought I would share my personal experiences for anyone who might find it helpful.This post, Part 2, will address how I handled breastfeeding, pumping and racing ....more

Running, Racing and Breastfeeding {Part 1}

Sitting in the back of the van, I began to nod off to the familiar hum of the Spectra.Brr rrm. Brr rrp. Brr rrm ....more

And ... my hopes were squashed

I learned a really neat trick this week: You can cook whole, unpierced butternut squash in the slow cooker. In. The ....more

Weekly Training + October Wrapup

Via Voxer {one of my favorite apps ever}, I listened to my BFF work out the math to hit 100 miles for October."Five on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday and a long run on the weekend," she said ... or something like that.She's training for a half marathon on Thanksgiving day, and a 100-mile month is a good goal when training for that distance.Me? I'm not training for anything, and I wasn't so sure how my runs would add up for October ....more