Roll With It: Myofascial Release {A Three Things Thursday Post}

Bump. Buh-bump. Buh-bump, buh-bump, BUH-BUMP.My muscles seemed to ripple over the blue foam roller as I not so gracefully glided over it ....more

When Your GPS Is An A$$hole

I felt like I was working. W-O-R-K-I-N-G. When I looked down at my Garmin 220, though, the effort was not matching the pace ....more

Weekly Training Update: 9/8-9/14

Last week, I was down. This week ... I was up.I was a bit nervous about what running would feel like after taking time off and doing just easy runs when I was sick the previous week ....more

Fall Racing: Whats, Wheres and Hopes

The hay is in the barn, as they say. Or, as I like to say, thank grilled cheesus, I don't have to cry any more when I look at my training schedule. This weekend, I completed my last double digit run and my longest goal pace workout - 6.2 miles - as I look toward the Fort4Fitness half marathon ....more

Race Swag: Yay or Nay

Over Labor Day weekend, Kim, Tami and I ran a low-key half for fun because that's what you do on a holiday weekend. You run 13.1 miles (actually 13.2 according to the website) for fun. As it was a small, local race, I did not have any expectations for "swag" when I picked up my bib ....more

Soggy McSoggerson

This is where dedication and necessity meet stupidity. I really needed to do something this morning - something active. After 24 hours of whining (and it was not me), I needed a space that was quiet, serene and just for me ....more

In the Sick of It {Weekly Training Update}

It began on Monday night with a queasy feeling that I hoped would settle. When I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I still felt sick, I knew I was in trouble.And I was.Tuesday brought one of the toughest bouts with an unknown stomach bug that I've had in sometime. I will spare you the details but I couldn't walk 10 feet without feeling terrible much less run ....more

A dinner to remember

Seventeen hours later, I think it's possible that I am still in a food coma. A joyous, amazing, please-never-end food coma.Let me set the scene.It's Saturday. Mark was a groomsman in a wedding, one that brought in a lot of his high school friends who live out of town ....more

Final Thoughts on the Go Girl Triathlon

It's been six days since I tri'd and the flurry of training for my upcoming fall half has afforded me the ability to put the race behind me - like really behind me.Every once in a while, though, when I talk to someone who didn't see me earlier in the week or isn't a Facebook junkie like myself, I am inclined to rehash the details and shrug off the race. I find it a bit awkward as with even the worst running events, I can always say I finished. However, as the week has gone on and the story has been retold, I have been able to reflect without the sting of disappointment ....more

Weekly Training Update: 8/18-8/24

Morning runner. Afternoon runner. Evening runner.It seems like when given the choice to define when you like to exercise, those are the three options ....more