I left the house yesterday for precisely 37 minutes. It was 37 minutes to drive three-quarters of a mile to my neighborhood Kroger for the two things I chose not to buy on Thursday and one more item to be prudent.Bananas. Milk ....more

Weekly Training Update {10/19/15-10/25/15}

Ouch.Oochy, ouchy, oh.Every step I took for the first few days after the Bourbon Chase hurt. My quads and inner thighs screamed, my abs felt tight. It was like I had spent a weekend riding the horses of Kentucky not running its hills ....more

On the Hunt: #RiverfrontFW

When I saw the information come across my Twitter feed, all I could think was, "I. Got. THIS."Riverfront Fort Wayne,an initiative that envisions a revitalized downtown riverfront area, was hosting asking locals how well they know the 2.6 miles of riverfront in the city and challenging them to a Selfie Scavenger Hunt ....more

The Bourbon Chase: The Recap

Shuffling down Main Street, I looked like I was doing anything but running toward a finish line. A pair of denim jeans hugged my hips and bright pink Chucks slipped on and off my heels. A Starbucks grande decaf Americano (spiked with bourbon) splashed out of the lid as I tried my best to keep the cup even.But there I was, surrounded in a sea of identical orange shirts, crossing the timing mats finishing the journey of 200 miles ....more

The Bourbon Chase: Packing List

Three sets of clothes, resealable gallon-size bags, two sets of shoes ... we've all read the packing lists from bloggers tackling overnight relays. Heck, I even wrote one last year around this time.But here's the thing: We all include the same items and most of them are no-brainers ....more

The Bourbon Chase: Training

It's called the "Jogger" schedule, which, to me, implies novice. But, the plan from the folks at Bourbon Chase looks nothing like a beginning runner plan. Each week has five to six days of running per week and strides ....more

The Bourbon Chase: Race Week Is Here

My Vera Bradley duffel is in the middle of the bedroom floor. Fall/winter running clothes have been pulled and tossed from the storage container, sorted haphazardly on the bed. My hatchback is stuffed with goodies from Nuun, NAAWK and ProCompression ....more

Fall Fun

Do you want to hear something amazing? And by amazing, I mean sort of surprising and really not that big of a deal.OK. I understand ....more

The Five-Year Plan {Three Things Thursday}

I think it has been established in previous posts that I am a fan of podcasts.Fan, though, might be a kind term – fiend might be better. I listen to more than an hour a day, probably closer to two. I listen when I pump at work, on the way to work, on the way home from work ....more

10Truths About Having A Baby

Si is almost six months old. It may or may not be surprising to you since it's rare that I dedicate an entire post to him or motherhood. It's not intentional, at least not 100 percent ....more