Lose Weight: Break Up With Unhealthy Restaurants

I am a firm believer that you can create a healthy meal almost anywhere you go, whether it be fast food, chain restaurants, or the mom-and-pop diner.  I pride myself on my ability to do this.  I have stood in defense of McDonald’s when in the documentary, Supersize Me, Morgan Spurlock tried to illustrate the reality of consuming McDonald’s for every meal for an entire month, only because I could do the same experiment and stay within healthy boundaries.  That being said, some restaurants have let me down in my pursuit to “keep it healthy.”   I’m a f...more

The New Restaurant Menu Sticker Shock: Calories!

Although shocking at times, I am in full support of seeing those calorie numbers on the restaurant menus.  I write this from Panera Foods, and many kudos to you, Panera for posting calories on your menu boards.  A few studies have looked at whether posting calories at restaurants affect what people order and they have found that some people are affected and some are not.  Teens ordering behavior, for example, was found to NOT be affected by the calorie numbers.  One of the reasons speculated for behavior NOT changing as a result of calorie information being posted is t...more

Groundhog's Day Is the Key To Weight Loss

Ground Hog’s Day is the key to weight loss?  What kind of title is that?  Even the “Cookie Diet” doesn’t sound as ridiculous as this.  Keep reading...   Remember the 90’s Bill Murray movie, Ground Hog’s Day?  This is the one where he plays Phil, the arrogant, crotchety weatherman who wakes up to find out that he is reliving the day before, over and over again....more

The Skinny on Vitamin D, the Sun, and Weight Loss

With daylight savings time bringing more sunshine into our day (thank goodness!) it reminds me of a question I was recently asked about whether vitamin D can help with weight loss.   Lots of hoo-ha about Vitamin D lately.   Vitamins seem to be taking their turns in the spotlight, eh?   First there was Vitamin C, kicking everything from scurvy to the common cold, even if the latter is more based on wishful thinking than scientific evidence… but hey, look at the market for Vitamin C-laced cough drops, cold-kicking concoctions, and even candy!...more

How about more

This Is Your Body on Stress

“You are a pleaser! You are co-dependent!  You’re stressing right now about letting me down!  You’re anxious!  You’re tense!  And it’s *BLEEPING* you up!” Jillian Michaels...more

Hot Flashes, Politicians, and Other Downward Dogs

I have never had a hot flash, although at 38 years old I’m far from out of the woods....more

The "Forget You" Diet

Ahh…  Cee Lo Green … we do think alike…  In a single phrase, his new Top 40 Motown-sounding hit, Forget You, says it all (click link below to listen).  Given my tendency to make just about anything relevant to weight loss (including Top 40 hits), I have composed a list of 10 things that deserve a big Forget You for long lasting weight loss… Forget You......more

Two Ways to Increase Willpower: The Easy Way and The Hard Way

I have a feeling you will end up picking the Hard Way. I don’t know why, but I have found that most people just do.  Before I explain each way to increase your willpower, I want you to think about an area in which your willpower is weak.  Think of a food that when you have it in the house you always find yourself eating too much of it.  Maybe it’s the box of Oreos.  You say you’ll have just one, but then you eat 2, then 3, and then you stop counting.  The box of 24 you said would last 2 weeks lasts 2 days....more

Is There A Magic Pill For Weight Loss?

During an insomnia jag a few years ago, I caught a late night infomercial for Exercise In A Bottle.  Essentially you take the pill and it has all the benefits of exercise, including weight loss.  My first thought is: I can’t believe they are hiding this game-changing uber-revolution in 3am programming!  They even got Steve Garvey, former professional baseball player and MVP to be pitchman.  (Dear Steve: Really?)  In a *shocking* twist of events, the FTC banned the company from marketing the product due to false claims and forced them to pay ...more

and the best weight loss diet is....

Before I answer this question, let’s look to popular diet books for insight.  Gary Taubes, journalist and author of Why We Get Fat—And What to Do About It, contends that obesity researchers have it all wrong, there is no evidence that diets work, no evidence that counting calories is an effective weight loss strategy, and no evidence that exercise can help you lose weight.  Ironically, his litany against diets is a build-up to introducing his own diet plan (insert cash register noise), which is the wow-I’ve-never-heard-of-it, low carbohydrate diet.  Oh but it’s ...more

Enjoyed your writing. Looks like common sense might be the most effective eating plan.more