My Lesson from the Newtown Tragedy

At a certain point in my early 30s – shortly after I had gotten divorced and came out from the self-absorbed haze of “why me” – I had a turning point when instead of saying “Why me?” I started saying, “what is the lesson here?”...more
I'd like to hit pause with you.more

I'm in a [I don't work a corporate job] Style Slump

Will someone please nominate me for What Not to Wear?...more

Oh honey, you can still be sexy with curves, you just have to redfine and refine. You body, it ...more

Do You Baby Book?

After my cousin had twins 4 months to the day after I had my baby girl, we were comparing gifts. Kind of like, “How many baby blankets? What’s the most hideous outfit?” Finally I ask, “How many baby books did you get?”...more

Yes, indeed. I was also given a few baby books but they weren't my style and besides, who has ...more

Dying My Hair


I am adventurous in trying new hairstyles but never tried to dye my hair, though I'd love to try ...more

Love is Life

nothing makes life more meaningful than love, no matter what kind of love it is.
love and live ...more

Babies React to the Optimum Triple Play Commercials

We've recently noticed that our 8-month-old has a fascination with the Optimum Online Triple Play TV commercial. It comes on often during the Today show. They change the commercial every so often - so there have been many renditions - but the jingle stays the same. It's very annoying, yet catchy - it may even make jingle history. The marketing strategy seems to be over-saturation during a short time....more

The Baby Girl and Her Barrettes


I Heart Cheburashka

Central Park, Carnegie Deli, Times Square

On this first spring-like day in 2011, we meandered through my favorite place in NYC: Central Park. It was 67 degrees and all the leftover blizzard snow created muddy pathways, but it was gorgeous. Couples lingered on benches eating lunch; runners circled the reservoir, and we strolled our 8-month-old under the still-bare trees....more