There is nothing wrong with wanting to belong...Unless you write about homeschooling

To get caught up…I allowed others to discourage me from writing…I came back to blogging for a short time, but then let insecurities build in my mind and stopped writing again…The longer I was away, the harder it became to begin writing again…Here I sit several months later trying to figure out how things got to this point.  How did a self-confident woman like me succumb to the complaints of a few people?  I finally realized that I tried to do what so many other homeschoolers do – I tried to “belong”....more

Looking for a one day or full pass

If you are unable to use your blogher registration, I would love to buy the ticket from you!  Please contact me.  Thanks!  ...more

No longer seeking ticket.  I got one!!!!!!


Heathen Mom

Heathen ...more