Sean at Two Months

Dear Sean, Well, hello, little fella. You’ve officially “come alive” this month. Your eyes are more focused, it’s clear you can see us and the world around you, and you’re interacting—grabbing things, cooing, SMILING ....more

Sean at One Month

Dear Sean, First and foremost—it’s no secret that Daddy and I were on the fence for a while about a third child. It was a drawn-out “do we or don’t we?” debate (although deep down, I think we were always going to go for it). And although I was not a huge fan of the third pregnancy—nor the second one, for that matter—I will say this: Now that we have YOU? ...more

Meeting Sean

The last three weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. A really happy whirlwind. I’ve been working on this birth story little by little, in the few free moments I can find in between all of the BUSY ....more

Introducing Our Son

That’s right… IT’S A BOY! Sean Sebastian May 16, 2016 1:47 p.m. 6 lbs., 15 oz. 20 inches long We were really shocked when a boy popped out ....more

Last-Minute Baby Pool

With both Nora and Vivienne, I did baby pools on the blog for which readers entered guesses and then there was a prize. Obviously, I don’t have my crap together this time around (for lots of reasons—see previous post!), but the baby pools have always been fun. So even though this is last minute and decidedly less organized than my previous contests, I figured I would go ahead and create a quick baby pool and throw it on here for you all ....more

35 Weeks & Life Lately

Longest blog drought ever. Life? It has been crazy ....more

Winter Getaway: Ft. Lauderdale

During last year’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad February—seriously, it was the coldest month ever in history—I was DYING to get away. I was really regretting not having a trip planned. It was so, so bad ....more

Baby #3: Second Trimester (23 Weeks)

First, let me just say that I totally thought I was 24 weeks pregnant today. It wasn’t until I got through writing this whole post and started adding photos in that I realized that I am, in fact, only 23 weeks pregnant. SONOFABITCH ....more

Baby #3: First Trimester

Boom. Just like that, I’m halfway through this pregnancy already. And I’ve barely written a thing about it so far ....more

Stitch Fix #3: A Maternity Fix

I did a couple of Stitch Fix shipments over the summer, my latest one in August (which I posted about). In early September, I found out I’m pregnant with baby #3 so I put Stitch Fix on hold for a while. I was, however, so excited when I discovered that they also do maternity clothing! ...more