Strawberry Raspberry Ginger Moscow Mule

So it’s Valentines day this weekend (as if you haven’t heard!) and if you are anything like me- it will probably be less filled with romantic shenanigans and more filled with heart shaped kiddie projects and sweet treats (not that those aren’t just as great in their own way). In fact, since I am flying home as I write this- I realize that my kids are probably the only ones who have not made their homemade valentines cards yet- so I guess that is happening tomorrow- big time. (By the way this is my favorite Valentines Day project!) But when Sunday night rolls around- I want to be doing something nice for myself and my hubby ....more

Garlicky Spiced Lamb Meatballs

I am indeed married to a Greek Man. And he does, above all proteins, love lamb. Like LOVES lamb ....more

Roasted Asparagus with lemon sesame sauce and pomegranate seeds

Hi Guys! I’m in snowy beautiful New York right now- it’s snowing up a storm, but no sticking for now. Hopefully it will just stay scenic until my flight out on Wednesday ....more

Blood Orange Coconut Tapioca and Mixed Berry Parfait (Vegan)

I am writing this from somewhere over the Midwest on my way to New York for a few days. And par for the course there is not a single thing I can eat on this airplane I kind of fell down on the organization job on my way out this morning in a pre-dawn haze. Usually I am really good about bringing my own snacks and like meticulously lining things up in little Ziploc bags, etc ....more

Chocolate Almond Popcorn Puppy Chow- Vegan and Gluten Free

Oh wow. It’s hard to know what to say about this stuff. Let me think about it ....more

Roasted Grapefruit Margaritas with Smoked Sea Salt

Thirsty Thursdays are full-on BACK my friends. It’s February and we need cocktails, right? Well, I will speak for myself ....more

Dark Chocolate Mocha Beet Donuts

Many years ago, I made what I still consider to be the BEST chocolate cake ever (if you are using traditional ingredients, aka: butter, sugar, eggs and white flour) and the surprise ingredient that made it the very BEST ever, was surprisingly beets! Perhaps one of the least likely ingredients to be on the list for chocolaty goodness, but somehow the earthy flavor along with a little coffee bring the chocolate to new heights and add a richness and depth that would otherwise be missing. So, while I have been working on my perfect gluten free vegan chocolate beet cake recipe, I happened to stumble across my perfect gluten free vegan chocolate beet DONUT recipe instead! ...more

Soft Pretzels- gluten free and vegan

I’m home and writing this from my temporary bed on the couch in the basement. We are doing some painting that is taking longer than expected (doesn’t it always!?) and the fumes are so bad upstairs that my whole family is having a nice little slumber party down here. This should be interesting ....more

Kitchen Sink Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Corn (vegan and Gluten free)

Oh, just in case you thought it may have somehow changed, Seattle is still dark and wet as a mud puddle, and my mood is about as cheerful. So I am taking off for the weekend with my hubby and my darling parents are staying with the girls. Pete and I are going down to Palm Springs to mainline Vitamin D/Seratonin in the form of sunshine and eat Mexican Food with friends ....more

Roasted Butternut Squash Coconut Split Pea Soup with Spicy Cilantro Cashew Oil

I have had a couple of gigantic butternut squash haunting my countertop for waaaay tooooo loooong. They just stare at me and want to be used, and I am not sure why I haven’t yet- after all, butternut are one of my favorites. I love the flavor, the texture, the fact that it is insanely filling and yet still good for you- all of it ....more