Smoky Romaine and Avocado Salad

Before I get to this salad- can anyone in the freezing cold mid-west/east coast help me out with a logistics question? How do you dress nicely in that kind of weather!? Friday I am heading to Chicago which will reach wopping highs in the 30’s (plus that wind!!!) I know what I would normally wear, but I feel like I will die of hypothermia there if I am not dressed appropriately ....more

Roasted Poblano Turkey Chili

I just teased myself about how between the cookbook writing and the Holidays (yes, I know they ended 2 months ago) but I am still trying to recover my old self from all of those months of too much food! But it sure has been hard to make it happen. I also realize that every year I get older is not doing my metabolism any favors ....more

Saturday Stuff, edition 33

So this is Saturday Stuff- only it’s Sunday afternoon… -We have officially eaten ourselves into a food coma this weekend. My God, it has to stop. I know I keep saying I am on a “health kick” but I really mean it this time ....more

Quinoa, Black Bean, Avocado, Chicken Bowl with Harissa Vinaigrette

As I have been plugging away at creating a masterpiece in book form for you guys (ha! I am REALLY trying!!!) lately I have been camping out at my hubby’s office a couple days a week. Coco is still not in school full time and between her and my other kid (the furry one named Wilbur) and the other furry one we are dog-sitting (named Missy) it is just a little too much action to get a lot of work done at home ....more

Plum Vodka Spritzer

Out of no where our grocery store is filled to the brim with these gorgeous yellow lemon plums. Anyone else rolling in Lemon Plums? I hope so! ...more

Broiled Salmon Steak with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Remember the other day how I told I was (TRYING) to be on a health kick? It’s certainly easier than it used to be considering how much cleaner my diet is over all, but more difficult because jeez, every year, that’s just the way it is ladies, huh? So, I made these delicious Broiled Salmon Steaks with Creamy Avocado Sauce for dinner the other night ....more

Lamb, Chickpea and Apricot Stew

So it’s late Sunday night and the Oscars have wrapped up, and I am laid up in bed with a gigantic ice pack strapped to my foot (I’ll fill you in in a sec.) My whole family came over tonight to oohh and aahhh over the red carpet and watch the Oscars and drink red wine. They also had to eat huge plates of food since I am in the late stages of recipe testing for my next book and need people who will not only eat enough but whom are brutally honest- obviously that is my family to a T. Emphasis on the brutally ☺ But oh man ....more

Raddichio, Avocado, Chicken, Grape and Hazelnut Salad with Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette

Was that a mouthful enough for you? I feel like this is kind of an awkward time of year for produce. I mean some of us are skirting towards Spring and the rest of you are buried under like 90 inches of snow and ice (sorry guys) ....more

The 10 best Winter Cocktails…

If I was snowed in (like lots of you) this is what I would be huddled up with my hubby drinking. Lucky for me, I am not, but I think I am still going to serve some of these this weekend. Check these out- they’re all perfect for the weather and made with fresh seasonal fruits (blood orange, meyer lemon, grapefruit and even persimmon)and wintery flavors (think cinnamon and coffee) ....more

Shrimp and Zucchini Risotto

I know you guys are getting risotto two weeks in a row, but trust me when I tell you that they are worlds apart. Last week I wasn’t sure if we were getting ready to go back into the dark grump throes of winter (hence Beet Merlot risotto) and this week we are in full Spring mode here in Seattle (bring on the Shrimp and Zucchini risotto). I cleaned out the fountain in the back yard yesterday because all of the birds are searching for their favorite haunt (and it was DISGUSTING by the way) ....more