5 Minute Perfect Chocolate Frosting

Hello there, Monday-ers. I hope the start of ...more

Cilantro Pesto Chicken and a Giveaway!

We’re back and slowly recovering from a few weeks of vacation. It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and I’m so ready to get back into the groove of normal life again. Well, minus all of the freaking laundry I have to do ....more

Jalapeno Popper Cheesesteaks

By the time you read this I’ll be on what could possibly be the most exhausting vacation of my life– Disneyland and San Diego with the girls and a 6 week old. Crazy? Yes ....more

Play dates and Strawberry Mojito Mocktails

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting...more

Sunday Sprinkles and Giveaway!

**I was compensated for this blog post but, like always, all thoughts are mine and...more

Summer Melon Salad

I ...more

I’m in love with another man.

Hey Strangers. If you follow me along on Facebook or Instagram...more

Sweet Chili Chicken Lo-Mein

Ever feel like your brain is completely fried? That’s me right now. ...more

Fresh Strawberry Pie

First item of business for today: the new site! If you’re reading this from your email inbox right now you might want to jump over to the site to check out the new design. I’ve been wanting to make the website easier to navigate for quite a while now and finally bit the bullet and […] The post Fresh Strawberry Pie appeared first on Heather Likes Food ....more

One Pan BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Ready to have your mind blown? …{Pop!}… Alright, what if I told you you could have tender, flavorful, BBQ chicken sandwiches ready on your table in about an hour– would you believe me? Well, of course you would because I’ve never led you astray in the past ....more