As people connect they respect the place each other have been and the similarities they are going. I foresee a place similar to destiny where each one of us is in agreement with the success of a nation always linked by similarities. I can tell when people remove the veil to show themselves true and happen to reduce the past and enlighten their future. I shall be respectful to all mankind and protect the hands of time that propel past the crime of offense giving blame to change....more

Imagine This

I suppose all will see the destiny I released for them as they sit on my knee and view the world as it should be. For if you dream a reality will be an open window for the soul to be free for all are present in harmony. A place to be is what makes harmony and if you dream you will find opportunity as you soar all new levels praising God for life without stumbles. I see victory for you today as you require a helping hand from dignity. I need your love for it blesses me so I give you my son at Calvary. We can exchange our qualities and receive redemption and proclaim victory....more


I am pleased to see you holding out your hand today accepting my plan as I have stated. I am happy to know you accept my grace for I will exalt and propel you. To give to others is to give to Me when you see love as it hung on a tree. To proclaim that love is King means that you shall be blessed as you trust in Me. I see  today from top to bottom never needing a reason for those who blame just giving my all and only Son for those who believe my words are true and now develop with patience and truth....more

Forever Love

Can you please explain wealth. Is it riches overflowing or wealth untold pouring out of the heart which glows and is never shared. Is it a process of learning without repair or hearing someone speak who never has to be repeated for their actions shine brighter than the rest. Can you tell me what motivates is it self satisfaction or common deceit. Can you explain truth to a turtle or do you learn from a heart unsettled. I am full of what you need and will share to those who care about the heart of the true representing peace intended for you....more

A Scientific Study

I proclaim in Jesus name all mankind shall see the truth behind all experiments is a nation whose  hearts may fear. All man needs to see is a heart filled with truth and then the eyes will not hide the revelation so clear. I wish for all to see today the process with no experiment for the truth in my words is at face value and no time is necessary to be revealed the schedule of man as he shows proof of my way for all the world to see....more