Saturday is for soup In a pot on the stove, soup is just water, carrots, potatoes, cassava, dumpling, pumpkin, and chicken foot (“it’s cheaper than beef”).    When my sister walks through the door, soup is an apology.For words spoken in haste 30 years ago- how do you apologize for throwing your child out on the street? When I walk through the door, soup is an apology for leaving a four year old without a mother. Didn’t you know that America is the Promise Land?   ...more

You Never Forget Your First

What are you going through that you think is going to kill you- literally? What problem are you facing that you believe is going to do you in? Are you where I am, ready to throw in the towel? Have you waived the white flag to life while chanting, “I surrender”? Well, whoever said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” wasn’t kidding....more

Treat Me Like I'm Ugly!

So I met this guy and he said, “Wow! You’re gorgeous. I love your eyes. I love your lips. I love your complexion. I love your hips. Can I have your number?” I assumed it was to call. But he didn’t. To him I say, “Treat me like I’m ugly.” My ex-boyfriend, well, kinda ex. called just to “check on” me. We talked for a while. Realized there were still feelings. ...more