Impromptu Trip

The week before Halloween I got the call that I knew was coming but that I was most definitely not looking forward too. My Gram was in the hospital, again, but this time she was being released with Hospice care. The results from her PET scan came back positive for cancer which has spread to other parts of her body ....more

Feelin’ Fallish

Today was our first day of fall like weather. I’m ready for cooler days and evenings and less bugs. Mostly I’m ready for the change I feel coming ....more

An Inviting Sight

Hopefully we’ll get to see this again next summer ....more

When Suki was still SuperChic

Suki back in Kindergarten in 2008 at Riley’s Farms. She was almost 6. At Disneyland for her 7th birthday ....more

Adventures in Canning

When I took my yearly trip to SoCal my MIL’s garden was still in full swing and producing bushels of tomatoes. So I checked with my mom and made sure we could do a little canning while I was at her house. She said yes and I promptly forgot all about it ....more

Waving My Christian Flag!

Sunday afternoon we headed to Lake Siskiyou with our church for their annual baptisms. It was the perfect day for it. Not so hot that you felt as if you were going to melt but hot enough that the water was warm ....more

I miss this view


Four Days and Counting

I’ve been wanting to write so badly lately but I didn’t know what to write that wouldn’t freak everyone out completely. i’ve been operating in a crazier than normal atmosphere lately. And, well, it hasn’t always been happy, pleasant, or fun for me I’ve accepted it for what it os and am trying to move forward. ...more

Mother’s Day Mosaic

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (its this Sunday in case you didn’t know), and mothers can be hard to buy for. Have you figured out what to get for your mother yet? Yes (good for you), no, maybe, let me help you. Mothers love photos of their families, friends, pets, that day trip you took up the coast together, just the two of you, even photos from a weekend with the grandchildren. Little memories that we capture with our phones, ...more