The future of politics

My oldest son is voting in his first Presidental election this year.  This got me thinking about how much his generation has seen during the last twenty years.  Most of them were in elementary school when September 11th occurred.  They've seen a depression recover, a housing and stock market crash, politicians both succeed in diplomatic relations and fall due to ethical standards.  They've seen the good, the bad, the neutral, and the life-changing.  With their votes making up a large population this year, I can't help but wonder how they will decide the nex...more

The life of a not-so-superhero Mom

Have you ever seen women who work full time, have dinner on the table no later than 6 pm, keep immaculately clean cars, and still have time to chair the PTA?  I used to think that some people live on pure adrenaline, they way most of us live on food and water.  I discovered some gold nuggets of how they do these things happily, and successfully, and thought I's share them....more

The different masks of women

As women, we wear many masks.  I call them masks, not because we hide, but because we must lay one down in order to fully wear another, which is rarely possible....more