My Rules For Dating My Son

Have you ever seen a meme that you just couldn't help But to think the person who made is an outright IDOIT? ...more

Feminist.... as defined by me

What is a feminist? definition:...more

Monday and Tuesday on Thursday...

   Oh My Goddess, I got behind again.... You'd think since I am home all day and can't really be on my foot for too long, I'd be copacetic with ...more

To Shave or Not To Shave......Why is this even a question?

 What would you do if your daughter wanted to shave her head? Would you grab the clippers and get to shaving?...more

I am yours... A poem for my mommy

  Even though I didn't grow within you,I am yours....more

You are a good mommy!!!

   Yeah... I know it's Sunday.... Which means that I didn't post on Saturday. ...more

The beautiful St. Augustine.

   As I promised in the last post “The day I lost my badge of honor”..... Here are my favorite pictures from the beautiful and historical St. ...more

The day I lost my badge of honor!!!!

   Well... It's been 1 month.... 4 weeks....Since I was completely happy. I've been in a very “bipolar funk” since April 8th. I don't have bipolar but this ...more

My Love Affair

 Yesterday's photo prompt: Your Love!!!   My love belongs to so many.... From family to friends to nature to ...more

Angles and Style!!!

       Holy hell I did it again..... I fell off. I am 2 days behind. But unlike the ...more