Adoption and Class Action Lawsuits

In the culture of patriarchy, women are most at risk for being victims of violence. This violence can be emotional, physical, sexual, or psychological.For me, the loss of my daughter was all of those. I know that some parents place their children for adoption because it is their choice, but not all do. Until all women are free, no person is free. Until we have made all adoptions ethical, no adoptions are ethical. They all operate under the same system of laws. ...more

Nestle and BlogHer Sponsorship: Creating an Unsafe place for women

I just got done reading a friend of a friend’s blog, Leaky Boob[i], and since I had an immediate reaction, I realized I needed to write a response right away. I quickly looked it up, and all over the internet, I confirmed that this was the case… which honestly, I look back and am glad that I didn’t go to the conference in 2010, because the sponsorship of an anti-woman corporation for a pro woman conference would have been too hypocritical for me to feel comfortable enough to get past it. I’m sure it would have clouded my judgment....more

Supporting Women: Looking Past the Divide of Adoption and Abortion Debates

I've always thought of myself as a social justice orientated woman. The word feminist seemed to go in and out of my personal description, because I was afraid that it would come off as not appreciating the value of men. Since then, I've realized that no matter what I call myself, there will be some with the same descriptors that will disagree with me, but it doesn't mean I'm not a feminist, mom, daughter, and so on....more