Balsamic-Honey Marinated Salmon

This post is sponsored by De Nigris vinegar; all opinions are my own. When it comes to flavor one of my favorite ingredients ever to use is vinegar. It’s tangy and delicious, imparting flavor you can only ever get from vinegar itself ....more

My $5 Mantle Makeover

B E F O R E ...more

Apple Date Breakfast Cookies

A couple days ago I posted a little baking project that Wes and I did on Instagram and got a lot of questions asking if he really liked the cookies…and y’all? The answer to that is YES, my sweet picky eater really got excited about them! To the point that he even started eating raw rolled oats ....more

Ranch-Flavored Brown Rice

Want to know something? I think I’m in danger of (and by “in danger of” I mean it’s already happened) of overdoing it. You know how yesterday I said that being pregnant with a toddler is a different game than being pregnant the first time around? ...more

32 Weeks


Whiskey-Soaked Cherry Chocolate Bread

Who here is a Valentine’s Day lover? Admittedly I’m not; it’s not that I think it’s cheesy or weird or had a bad experience. I just think it’s worth it to celebrate the ones we love every day! ...more

Inspired Week

About a Boy. I won’t lie, this one’s been on my heart since the moment I read it. You may be like me and unable to adopt this sweet child, but we can pray ....more

Smashed Avocado Toast with Red Onion and Pineapple

Looky looky, another non-recipe recipe! Y’all, I’m not even sorry that these are just flavor combos (fabulous flavor combos that is) on a piece of bread. And I don’t even care that I’m approximately 5 years late in the toast-as-snack phenomenon either ....more


Did you make resolutions this year? Goals? Pick a word of the year? ...more

Healthy Peanut Butter Pancakes

Confession time: I really really really hate almond butter. Like, all the time. I tried for years to enjoy it, to get on the trendiness of it, but I just plain don’t like it ....more