Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - Book Review

Catching Fire is the second book in Suzanne Collins' trilogy, ...more

Book Review - The Hunger Games

    When my daughter first mentioned her interest...more

Writer Versus Blogger


What are your secrets to finding balance between blogging and writing? more

Family Night And Vampires

My daughters are fourth generation vampire fans.  They've inherited their love of vampires from me, and I inherited it from my grandmother.  She got me hooked on vampires before they were pulsing in the mind of every tween, teenager, and young-at-heart closet watcher who won't admit they're a fan was even paying attention. ...more

The Best Laid Plans

My plan when I got home yesterday were to fry up some chicken and homemade french fries, return some emails, and get some writing done. It was a good plan, one I was looking forward to. However for the fifth night in a row, the writing wasn't going to happen. When you have kids, you're life is no longer your own. My seventh grader was staying at school late to finish her video project. She calls as I'm pulling into my driveway to see if I'm busy and tells me she could use some advice on editing and music....more

Book Review - The Vampire Diaries, The Return: Midnight Vol. 3

My daughter was so excited when the latest volume of The Vampire Diaries hit the shelves.  ...more

Omen Or Celestial Message

I can't say I've ever given a thought in my belief about omens one way or another.  However, when the same thing happens twice in five days, I've got to pause and assess the situation. If you live in the South, you'll understand exactly what I mean when I say torrential weather can blow up at a moment's notice.  Picking my daughter up from school on Thursday, this is exactly what happened.  We'd been under various weather watches all day, but just as the pick-up line started moving the sky opened up and the wind blew in from out of nowhere.&nb...more

A Tribute To Amazing Granparents

I've been doing some reminiscing this week.  Thinking back to those who influenced me growing up, and one person always jumps to my mind.  Nana.  She was a wonderful lady.  She was my safe harbour, my confidant, my mentor, and my wind beneath my...more

The Great Aeropostale Debate -- With or Without the "T"?

The debate in my house for almost a week now has been how to pronounce the name of the popular clothing store, ...more

The Wonderful World of Blogging

Into my second week of blogging, and I'm beginning to realize how much time I could spend online.  Blogging alone could be a full-time occupation if I had the luxury, not to mention the world of Twitter which I'm still not sure I understand.  I've had to physically pry myself away from my computer on more than one occasion just to get a few things done that I've been neglecting. As I mentioned last week, I just finished my first YA (young adult) fantasy novel, see earli...more

I agree with you, Heather, that I, too, could spend lots and lots of hours, frivolously, ...more