Vampires and zombies...

I’ve come to realize I have a serious vampire and zombie obsession.In fact Greg and I argue about them…a lot.And when I say vampire, I’m not talking about the sparkling brooding, self-pity shit from Twilight. I’m talking Bram Stoker and Anne Rice vampires. The stake me in the heart I turn to dust vampires.Before meeting Greg I was never into zombies. Not at all. You wouldn’t catch me watching any of George A. Romero’s zombie movies. NO WAY! Or vampire ones. I’d read Dracula but that was it....more

When mom gets sick

 « Writers blockWhen mom gets sickSeptember 5, 2011 by Heather | Edit...more
Chaos is an understatement. lol. I ended up taking a short nap with the kids today and one of ...more

When grandma visits

 My kids are momma boys, except when “mamaw” Margie comes over.When their mamaw Margie visits mommy is invisible. Last week my mother came over to visit and to take the boys shopping for their birthday presents. She wanted them to have the option of picking out their own gifts.o_0If you have children, of any age, this is not a good idea....more

When you're recognized in the bathroom

When I started blogging just a few short moths ago I did not expect people to actually read it. I didn’t really expect to keep up with it as much as I do. And I definitely did not expect people to recognize me.Apparently I’m becoming Pittsburgh famous....more

Men should be like a good bra

As a woman, I love the feeling when I walk into Victoria’s Secret. I know when I get in there I’ll be greeted with a happy, smiling face and a tape measure.I’m not a fan of being fitted, but it’s a necessary evil and those ladies are the only ones, aside from Greg, who are allowed to manhandle the tata’s....more

Earthquakes and hurricanes...oh my

I live on the east coast of the United States. Pittsburgh to be exact. If you live under a rock, you may not have heard about our earthquake. Yes, we on the east coast got rocked by an earth quake....more

Why kids have bedtimes

Normal, average, smart parents give their children a bedtime.A reasonable bedtime.A good bedtime is 9 or 10 pm. That’s when we usually put our children to bed.We didn’t do that last weekend. August 8th was mine and the husbands twin boys birthday. (My big boys turned 3!) They were spoiled last week. Tons of toys, clothes, no real bedtime and they’ve been allowed to eat as much cake as they want.Naughty us, I know. But how many times do your big boys turn 3?...more
They slept till 8 am. lol. I'm not sure how the function, or have so much energy the next day. ...more

Ugly people shouldn't be photographed

Now, before everyone starts commenting in an uproar over the title, if you’re a reader of my blog you should know my titles aren’t always as they seem. There is a photographer in Indiana, Pa, Jennifer McKendrick of Jen McKen Photography. Up until the other day she was just another photographer trying to make her mark in the world. Her actions have catapulted her up there....more
I'm really hoping so. Even if they don't think they did something wrong, I hope their parents ...more

My day yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I haven’t really been feeling all that great lately and I’ve been so incredibly cranky.Nothing imparticularly bad happened yesterday. It was just the accumulation of blah things that made it a very meh day.My boys are in that phase of life where they just don’t listen. Everything we tell them, it’s NO!. After so many no’s in one day, you get a huge migraine.The migraine I can deal with. I have Excedrin....more