Yogurt Culture by Cheryl Sternman Rule: Review and Giveaway

Creamy, smooth, tangy yogurt. What's not to love? It's good for more than just berries at breakfast, too....more

Good Food, Great Business: Review and Giveaway

All too often I'm asked whether I have any interest in selling my preserves or pickles. For me, the answer is no -- I'm too much of a dilettante, and like to make different things to suit my whim. However, if you are interested in taking your food craft to market, I will cheer you forward wholeheartedly....more

Peachy Keen

It's no coincidence that the word "peach" is connoted with so many positive things in our language. These fuzzy fruit are the ultimate taste of summer. And when they're in, they're in but good, so you better get on them ....more

Maker Faire 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out for my demos at Maker Faire 2015! I had a great time, and am happy to answer any questions on the material I covered. And for those who expressed interest in our trips to Italy, check out the overview here, with links to full itineraries in October and January ....more

Foraging Resources (and a Giveaway)

Foraging season is nigh upon us. Ramps are peaking on the East Coast, Japanese knotweed is poking up; dandelions are blooming. Soon wild fruits will burst out all over....more

Salsas and Moles: Review and Giveaway

I make no secret of my love for Mexican food. Epicures may fawn over French fare, or extol the virtues of imperial Chinese, I think Mexican food is arguably the most underrated of cuisines, with an endlessly creative approach to combining flavors....more


Cinco de mayo has nothing to do with Mexican independence, but you can liberate yourself from store-bought salsa. Whatever kind you like, whip up a batch today for chip-dipping good times. Tomato SalsaIt's the classic, and America's favorite condiment ....more

Ravishing Radishes!

Radishes are ravishing! These peppery spring roots are delicious out of hand as a snack or sliced in salads, but there's more to them yet. Pickled RadishesRadishes: You can pickle that! ...more

Steeped: Review and Giveaway

Though I start most days with coffee, I am absolutely a tea drinker as well. Nepal black, jasmine green, matcha, genmai cha, lapsang souchong — you steep it, I'll drink it....more

Brown Eggs and Jam Jars: Review and Giveaway

First of all, can I just give a big high five to Cathy Barrow for her IACP award for Best Cookbook: Single Subject? Not that I'm surprised; I raved about the book last year....more