Three Things Thursday: Prickly, Sour and Boozy

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. This week, I'm going all prickly, sour and boozy. Harvesting and Processing Prickly Pear FruitDon't be intimidated by these spiky creatures ....more

6 Things to Do With End-of-Summer Tomatoes

Got tomatoes? Here's a rundown of ways to put up your maters, from basic canned tomatoes to salsa, ketchup and more.  1. CANNING TOMATOES ...more
Definitely! Don't forget diced and stewed tomatoes freeze and can beautifully!more


Raspberries! These ripe red berries are fleeting, so grab a flat while you can and whip up some DIY deliciousness. Raspberry JamCook up those raspberries quick to capture their bright flavor ....more

Get Figgy With It

Figs are summer's last hurrah, and the harbinger of fall. These honey-sweet fruits are both delicious and versatile, eaten out of hand or packed in a jar. Fig JamFigs' honeyed sweetness are a natural for jams, straight up or enhanced with balsamic, lavender, fennel or even smoky chipotle ....more

Giveaway! Win a Kraut Source Double Gourmet Fermentation Kit Set

There's a lot of exciting things happening in fermentation right now. Since launching Punk Domestics in 2010, I've seen DIYfermented foods trend up year over year. Lately there's been an uptick in innovation around tools that aid in fermenting ....more

Not Your Grandmother's Blueberry Jam

There's absolutely nothing wrong with straight-up blueberry jam, and if that's what you want, we've got plenty of recipes. But if you've got the blues with the same old same old, here's some inspiration for new flavors with blueberry jam. Blueberry Ginger JamThe fresh kiss of ginger lifts up blueberries and makes them sing ....more

The Eatsdropper's chocolate chip cookies are oooooold

Happy Friday, kittens! I'm just back from a few days in Sacramento for a fun and informational trip with Muir Glen. I lived there for a relatively brief stint 24 years, and was really blown away by how the city has changed ....more

DIY Condiments for Summer Grilling and Entertaining

Summer grilling is great, but burgers and dogs are only as good as the condiments that dress them up. Step away from the packaged varieties and try your hand at DIY condiments to make haute dogs and hamburgers. KetchupHeinz, schmeinz ....more

A photo session with Erin Scott of Yummy Supper

I'm a member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, a local networking group for folks engaged in all aspects of food, be they chefs, producers, writers and whatnot. Within the organization we have various Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, where we can meet up to socialize and learn. These SIGs really are worth the price of membership ....more

8 Ways to Preserve Melons

Sweet, luscious melons are a treat that can only be truly appreciated at the peak of summer, when they're at their juiciest, gushiest best. If you've been overly tempted and have a glut of melons, here's a few ways to turn them into treats that will last beyond summer's steamy days. Pickled Watermelon Rind A Southern classic, these sweet pickles are refreshing with meats or alongside cheeses ....more