The Homemade Kitchen by Alana Chernila

In her debut book, The Homemade Pantry, Alana Chernila taught how to DIY store-bought staples and snacks, making them more wholesome and delicious in the process. With her follow-up book, The Homemade Kitchen, she goes further, focusing her attention on a 360-degree approach to food, family, and the most important room in the house, the kitchen. The book is punctuated with messages Chernila keeps on her refrigerator: Start Where You Are ....more

Food Gift Love by Maggie Battista

Food is love, pure and simple. Whether it's cookies, granola, or a carefully crafted liqueur, the gift of a handcrafted food item is infinitely more personal and meaningful than anything you can purchase on the shelf. Maggie Battista understands this better than most ....more

Wild Drinks and Cocktails by Emily Han

Foraging has been a burgeoning trend. While there's an ever-growing list of books designed to help identify wild edibles, not all include recipes to use said foods, and those that do tend to focus on just that -- edibles. Along comes Emily Han, a master food preserver, herbalist, and expert forager, who combines her skills to showcase the use of wild plants in beverages ....more

Ferment Your Vegetables by Amanda Feiffer

While I've enjoyed the trend of books that integrate food preservation and everyday cookery, I'm a geek at heart, and will always go in for a deep dive on a single topic. Longtime Punk Domestics contributor Amanda Feiffer of Phickle has dug deep indeed, with a colorful, approachable book on fermenting vegetables dubbed, appropriately, Ferment Your Vegetables. Kraut and kimchi are the backbone of the book, but Feiffer goees beyond the obvious and puts forth interesting flavor combinations ....more

Win a FARMcurious Fermentation Set!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Nicole Easterday of FARMcurious. Aside from being a good friend and loyal colleague, she's inspired me to get ever deeper into the world of fermentation. An avid bacteria farmer herself, she took her passion to market by creating a handy dandy and inexpensive fermentation kit that works with standard wide-mouth mason jars, perfect for small-batch fermenting ....more

Gift Guide: Best DIY Books of 2015

The field of excellent DIY and preserving books marches on this year, continuing the trend from 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. Many of these authors are colleagues and contemporaries, as well as contributors to the Punk Domestics community. This year's big trend appears to be books that integrate food preservation with everyday cookery ....more

The Hands-On Home by Erica Strauss

I've really enjoyed the trend in the DIY book space away from single-subject and into integrative lifestyle. Kate Payne's delightful duo of The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking and The Hip Girl's Guide to the Kitchen offer simple practices for a natural home. Cathy Barrow's Mrs ....more

Make More Money From Your Blog: How I Diversified My Blogging Revenue

From 2008 to 2010, I was BlogHer’s Product Director, overseeing the roadmap for development of all online properties, including the ad network. When the company and I parted ways (amicably), I knew I wanted to create a new site with the intent of making it my primary revenue driver. ...more

Jerky Everything: Review and Giveaway

I'm a late comer to jerky. It's not something I ate growing up, and the 16 or so years I spent as a vegetarian were not conducive to jerky consumption. Lately, though, I've become fascinated with it, so when my friend Pamela Braun told me she was working on a book that was all about jerky, my interest was piqued....more

Interview with David Asher of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking (Plus a Giveaway!)

Ever since Sandor Katz published Wild Fermentation in 2003, the interest in fermented foods has been ever on the rise. Many among us keep a crock of kraut or kimchi going at any given time, and kombucha is definitely having its day. ...more