US Elections 08 - Are people rooting for Obama based on just faith?

I occasionally browse through one of the many issues debated on US Elections 2008 at the Minekey portal for Elections 2008, where the community votes and discuss election issues. Interestingly, I came across more than 888 comments on an opinion about the economic stimulus policy proposed by Obama. But after browsing through all of them - the one thing that struck me was that  many people on these boards didn't understand his policies in depth or ...more

Presidential polls after debate

Much-anticipated first presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama on Friday, September 26th, appears to have helped Obama slightly widen a lead over his Republican opponent by 4-5 points according to by voter polls conducted by news sources, with 49% voter support compared to 44% voter support for McCain. Of course, the selection of sources for this kind of market research is really critical in being able to truly justify that the lead by 4-5% is indeed ...more

Do you support giving birth to child with Down’s syndrome? 80% of all women and 50% of men do.

I have never been one of those women who thought life without child is incomplete, but lately I have been having second thoughts. I certainly love children, and have three nephews and nieces with whom I get along so well that I am the coolest aunt for them. But by now, almost all my friends have had their first child. It is likely that by the time I settle down with a life partner, I will be creeping close to ceiling age limits for having a child. My biggest fear then would be what if the docs fail to detect issues ...more

I am pro choice and very much so.  But the thing for me would be the what ifs.  I know how ...more

An opinion about Britney Spears reached #1 spot?? Are you fucking kidding me???

Let me give some context to this title - I recently posted an opinion on Britney Spears on Minekey, a place where you can write opinions on just about anything. My opinion was “Britney is getting back to normal life finally. Good for her!!”, and within a few hours this opinion bubbled up right to the top, amongst the most voted opinion of the last 24 hrs, with 750 votes and 20 comments. While my intention was genuine in stating this ...more

Do women think more than they need to?

Let me ask all women who are reading this blog at this very moment - how many times has it been that you just assumed something based on your friend ’s or partner’s or sibling’s unspoken actions? Or how many times have you taken someone’s spoken words and exploded it beyond what it was really meant for? And you were completely wrong because in the end it turned out to be creation of your own imagination!! Perhaps if you had bothered to ask some questions and clarify, you would have saved a lot ...more

Should women marry for financial security?

So gold Gold diggers may not end up “happily ever after…” or so it seems like based on the opinion I recently posted here about women who marry for financial security. About 80% of 17,000 people agreed with it within a period of 24 hrs, and yet another 1800 comments made by various people had something to support the opinion. ...more