Mother's Day, Graveside

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that I face with ambivalence, not because I think it’s some artificial Hallmark holiday, or because it reinforces antiquated notions of gender, but because, for all intents and purposes I was motherless most of my life.  Even after the birth of my son the holiday provoked, at best, a mix of emotions....more

Could Women Have Avoided The Financial Crisis?

I've got to admit, this post has been a long time coming, and not just because I've been dying to weigh in on the Goldman Sachs story, on financial services reform, and the ongoing economic realities of living through and in the Great Recession.  But this post has been a long time coming because, like many of the earlier Hegemommy posts, it represents a delicate balance of personal and political and has taken a while to hash out to make sure it became something more than mere projection. ...more

The Real Damage Palin/Bachmann Bring

It's only been one day since the Palin/Bachmann rally in Minnesota and I'm already annoyed.  At everyone.  The media-right is in a froth right now about a Palin/Bachmann ticket, one built on their good looks and innuendo-ladened stump speech.  And there's really no way to talk about the event, or the reaction without it creating the equivalence of a hostile-work environment as it's just so charged in a gendered/sexualized fashion, in large part because deep down this country still cannot wrap its collective brain around and not get weirded out by feminine power....more