A Healthier, Easier, More Joyful You - That Means You!

"Give me recipes for happy with the chemicals gone." Blue October's "X Amount of Words"...more

Strengthening Your Inner Self

Each of us has a desire to understand who we are as individuals and many of us hope to strengthen our inner selves as we age. This article is an analogy I use in my college classes to describe the strength of that inner self, known as ego in personality psychology.Bubbles, Bouncy Balls, and Baseballs...more


I write with the hope that the following formula I have derived is wonderfully useful for you. Many of us have a strong pull or desire to grow and to move forward in more positive ways, we have a strong pull or desire to eliminate the worry and concern and to move toward balance, we want to feel happier overall and less anxious in general, we want to feel more motivated and to stop the turmoil in our relationships. But how can we really work on that every day?Write down this formula: Practice + Belief + Time = Growth...more

Inner Voices: Write Them Down!

By Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D. © 2012 All Rights Reserved....more

If Your Mind Had a Megaphone? Becoming a Positive Thinker

If we could attach a megaphone to your mind and so your thoughts blast out to the world, what would we hear? Honestly now. What would we hear? Would we hear negative and undermining statements? Unkind or harsh words? I can't do this, I can't do that, I am too afraid of this, too afraid of that? Or are the words defensive and boastful? Or are they truly positive and beneficial to yourself and others? ...more
Thank you! I am thrilled you found it so meaningful! I hope you follow me along, I will try to ...more

Look Into Someone's Eyes Today!

Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D. © 2012Really, I mean it, go ahead and really look into someone’s, anyone’s, everyone’s eyes today! Hold their gaze, truly look deeply. Today will be a powerful, magnificent day indeed!...more

What A Trout Can Teach Us About Emotion: Part Two of Two

Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D. © 2012...more

What A Trout Can Teach Us About Emotion: Part One of Two

Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D. © "I got so upset and overreacted because I was so stressed!" said my 10 year old to me just the other day. ...more

Are You Hot or Cold?: Recognizing Your Inner Thermostat

By Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D....more
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Just Chill, Be Still: A Single Tool to Greater Joy

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