I'm Angry Today

I'm angry about the Casey Anthony verdict. I'm angry that a wonderful friend and her husband will not be able to move forward, for reasons that are not my story to tell, with gaining guardianship of a young girl who desperately needs the stability of their loving home. I'm angry, to paraphrase the most excellent Keanu Reeves from the movie Parenthood, because you need a license to catch a fish, to drive a car, but any a-hole can be a parent. WTF, universe? ...more

Umm, Yeah.

This is Frankie Stein. She's from a Nickelodeon movie called Monster High.She looks like she belongs on the Rock of Love bus....more

The Tug-O-War Of Motherhood; It Should Totally Be An Olympic Event...

I just left that as a comment on my friend's blog to make her laugh, but then I really thought about it and seriously, is there anything more strenuous than simultaneously wanting to flee from and bear hug your children? Cardio and resistance training all in one. I'm going for the gold in 2012. ...more

The Gauntlet

I hate Saturdays. I really do. I am always by myself, trying to wrangle these crazies, who require way more distraction and attention than I am able to conjure. Also, I think this house is trying to drive me crazy. No matter how much I take out of it, it fills up again and spills over; random crap on every surface, in every corner.  All of the hard work undone. I am drowning here. ...more

Yeah, Good Times: Flashback Friday Edition

This is my family in the late 70s. My parents weren't even 30-years-old yet and they look like they would rather be any place but right there. Needless to say, I LOVE this picture....more


My mom and dad got us that antique baby carriage when my sister and I were little, and now my girls have it....more

Slowly But Surely

Jay had the day off so we went to the mall and I wasn't even drunk. I know, crazy talk, right? It was crowded, but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, and we made a nice little dent in the girls' Christmas lists. When we got home there was a package from Amazon waiting for me from my sis and inside were two DVDs that made me scream with joy: Xanadu and The Money Pit. These were childhood staples and please do not tell me if you haven't seen them as it would break my heart....more

Dropping The Ball

Ava received her very first report card this week. It came home in her backpack unannounced and with no fanfare. Just a couple of sheets of paper that punched Jay and me in the face. Granted, this is the first quarter of kindergarten, not graduate school, but the road to your doctorate is paved with knowing how to count backwards from 10 to 1. Which apparently Ava can't do. What? She can't? Shouldn't we know that? Haven't we been counting with her? Yes, we have. But maybe not backwards. Oh. Did we know that we should be counting backwards? Hmmm....more

This totally made me laugh, thank you! Coloring, for pete's sake! I love the space shuttle idea, ...more

Winter Descends

Every year for the past 12 years I have been taken by surprise. It starts the third week of November and lasts until January is put to bed. Every year for 12 years. And the ferocity when it hits is so fresh that I am blindsided by it like it is new, just happening. I am always surprised to realize that the way I am feeling and acting and acting out is because this time frame was the beginning of the end for my mother. For my family. She died from pancreatic cancer on January 16, 1998. She had just turned 49 on November 29th. I was 24....more

Anabelle Is Resourceful

 Can't find your knit cap? No problem. Pull on a pull-up. Boom. Problem solved....more