What to expect when getting fit for running shoes.

(disclaimer: not an expert. but just wanting to encourage anyone who swears they’re too fat to run or can’t run or are too intimidated to use “real” running gear -...more

House Tour: The Living Room

When we...more

Legos & Work & Life

Harry is the master...more

There is something about mothers.

When I was a little girl, my favorite days were the ones when my mother came to school. For lunch or a class party or a play…I thought she was beautiful & she’d wear her perfume & lipstick & I couldn’t wait to show her off. She was my mother, only mine, & I was the luckiest girl in the whole world ....more

Prepping for Summer at the Pool

It’s May. MAY! How did that happen? ...more

Prepping for Summer at the Pool

It's May. MAY! How did that happen? Where did the spring go? Why are the yearly dues for the pool already...well, due? I'm sitting in my living room & the chestnut tree in our front yard bloomed perfect pink & yellow blossoms & I'm writing a check, sealing our entire summer of sunshine & chlorine. I can feel the warmer sunshine & the air conditioning hums. For so many cold months, Doug & I promised Harrison that the warm weather would come again, that the pool would eventually open after Mother's Day, right around Momma's birthday....more


“Kim? Kim, it’s Beth Anne. What happened?” My voice caught on the phone with my college roommate, Kim ....more

Lately with Tuck.

It started this winter, our girl looking stiff as she stood up after a nap on the floor. We noticed she didn’t hop up on the couch or bed with ease anymore & so we started her on glucosamine pills every morning. Two pills that she took happily, thinking they were treats & oblivious to us watching her hips with care ....more

How to Use Pinterest Without Going Insane

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, if you couldn’t tell by the 3,350 pins I’ve drooled over in the past year or even the blog posts I’ve written on Pinterest strategy for business. For years I catalogued things I loved or admired in journals & on Tumblr & magazines clippings pinned to my corkboard & recipes stuck on my fridge. Then Pinterest came along & offered me a single place to keep all that glorious inspiration ....more

The Reluctant Runner

I love the sound of running shoes,...more