The Buts of Life

No, that isn't a typo in my title there. I wasn't trying to say butts. I know the difference ....more

TomorrowWorld 2014: Rage The Night Away

Let me just tell you that I love festivals. Some people don't. Too crowded, too long, too tiring, just too much ....more

A State of Madness

I'm currently running on 2.5 hours of sleep, chick fil a chicken minis, and adrenaline. Which, is actually, a pretty good combo. I'm in one of those "I haven't slept but I'm so pumped up I could run a marathon." Just kidding ....more

What I Use to Jam + The TomorrowWorld Playlist

And we aren't talking about jelly on bread here. No. We are talking about music ....more

Five Simple Ways to Relieve Pain and Stress from Your Neck and Shoulders

*This is a sponsored post, not written by me. The body is a complex machine and parts of it ache and throb on a semi-regular basis, depending on what you’ve been doing or how strenuously you’ve been doing it. Neck and shoulder pain is particularly troublesome and it’s best to try to relieve the discomfort as quickly as you can through simple exercises ....more


*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.I don't know if you've noticed lately, but butts are in. Whether Nicki Minaji is showing off in her "Anaconda" video, Beyonce is shaking it, while Iggy is working it, and of course Kim Kardashian has her... assets ....more

The Victoria's Secret Struggle (+ Win $120 to VS!)

It looks like I need a new bra. Aren't I supposed to be buying these things every few months? I've had this one for a few years so I guess it's time ....more

Irrationally Angry

I once wrote a post entitled "I'm Irrational." I think we all tend to be a little irrational about certain things. Especially when we go outside at night and we think a serially killer is just behind the corner and so we sprint to dump the trash in the bin and run, arms flailing, back inside. Or maybe that's just me.Regardless, there are certain things that people do that make me angry ....more

Living With A Mustache

For the past 6+ months my husband has had a mustache. He's not some hipster (a far cry from that) or fan of Ron Swanson or channeling Tom Selleck. No, he just, "enjoys it." Michael isn't one to follow trends, he tends to do what he wants - holes in his shirt and all ....more

Why We Didn't Adopt

I want to preface this post by saying I am a huge animal lover. I know that this post is going to make some people mad. This is not to say I don't believe in adopting, I do ....more