Flying Saucer UFO Cookies

Vintage Movie Halloween Party, UFO Cookies HAVE YOU SEEN OUR...more

Mummy Chocolate Bars

Vintage Horror Movie Party, Mummified Chocolate Bars. Have you seen our Vintage Movie Halloween Party yet?...more

Vintage Movie Halloween Party

Vintage Movie Night concession stand with B-Movie Horror films for Halloween. Join us for a vintage movie night... This Halloween feature shows you how to create a Vintage Movie Night experience for your Halloween crowd on a budget and incorporate some favorite B-Movie Horror Films to make it frightful for your trick or treaters....more

The Mom Baker: Birthday Party Snacks

We’ve all heard it—the endless “Mom I’m hungry” is constantly ringing in our ears. Usually, I’m never one to jump in the kitchen to start getting crafty. However, when it comes to children’s birthday parties, I can’t help but find myself looking for the latest and most unique way to serve food ....more

Football Bleacher Stands

Check out these super cool football bleacher stands we just added to the shop! If you are throwing a football, baseball or basketball party this is the stand for your table. This stand features a four steps and a back rail, and stands twice as tall, as our original design ....more

Gourmet French Macarons

We are super excited to announce a fantastic new resource for those who have been struggling to bake the perfect French Macaron. (I am including myself in this category as I have managed only one successful attempt at these delicate cookies....more

Rising Sun Bakery Open House

Rising Sun Bakery Open House If you are local to us here at Hello My Sweet you'll want to mark a time off on your calendar today to visit the Rising Sun Bakery from 4-8pm. The bakery offers delicious treats fro breakfast, to-go lunch options and take away dinners, as well as a full catering menu for your special events, styled by us of course! Stop by today to sample the holiday offerings and everything else! ...more

$500 Coach or Kate Spade Giveaway

Who wants $500 to spend at Coach? Or what about $500 to spend at Kate Spade? Personally I'd take either! ...more

The Kris Jenner Show + Hello My Sweet

We made it to The Kris Jenner Show!...more

The Essential Football Party Set

Attention all football fans. The time is quickly approaching for the season to begin and we have just what you need to host amazing parties all season long, right through all those Bowl games!...more