When Home Becomes Hell

How I Discovered That It's Not About Sofia Vergara

Some days ago I wrote a post about Sofia Vergara and how I thought she was basically bad publicity for "latina" women.  However,  through a comment and some further discussion about the topic with friends  I've come to discover that Sofia isn't the guilty party here....more
KurlytopCastillo Thanks for reading and sharing a thought, don't take me wrong it doesn't offend ...more

Sofía Vergara Is Bad Publicity For Latinas

Sofia Vergara has been ticking  me off a bit these days.  It's  probably because of how she portrays the "latina" women.  For starters "latina" is all about perspective.  All women that live on this part of the world are "latinas" because in one way or another we're from Latin America.  Meaning roughly Central and South America.   ...more

Living On The Verge Of Limbo During Midlife

Limbo means pretty much the same thing in Spanish or English.    The land between the dead and the alive.   I've heard many times, "I'm in a limbo right now."  But, what does that really mean,  maybe  existing and letting life pass by without really living not really doing much. It can be  a place where some of us now and then get a visiting pass....more

The Three Headed Monster of Menopause

I usually write more for myself then for other people.  Writing is theurapetical for me in more than one way, it helps me see clearer whenever a problem comes around. Certainly at this moment in my life I'm facing a major problem. I've been married for 28 years know, it was May 15th, 1986 when we decided to tie the knot.  We made a promise to each other that day, that no matter,  what we would stick it through. ...more

New Beginnings

Once in a while life presents itself with the opportunities of new beginnings.  Even though they often come along with a certain amount of pain. But, heck you know the saying, "no pain, no gain" and there is sure plenty to gain when we give ourselves a chance....more


Reinvention.Pretty powerful word, if you'd ask me any given day at my whopping 48.I've been up and down and all away around in my life. That's why I named my blog,  Believing, the Ups and Downs of Life.All of us strive or want to strive on becoming better people.  More accomplished, successful, some might want to be rich, others may want recognition, or just want to do something different with their lives....more

Mama Jeklyll & Mama Hyde

Just writing this post makes me feel unloyal to the core. That's how mixed up I am right now.Now, now I'm not about to write about infedility or any extramarital affair for sure.  However, I certainly feel unloyal about writing about my nefarious mother in law after almost three decades married to her first born.  ...more

#Bring Back Our Humanitarianism

I am not ready to let it go.  As a blogger sometimes I pick up topics that are hot in the news or that simply piss the hell out of me and write about them and work them out of my system.  However, this situation in Nogales just lingers.  Just yesterday a fellow blogger from Montana shared a simple comment after reading a post about Nogales on my blog, Believing, she simply wrote -Now I know.-  I can't stop myself from thinking and drilling myself with questions, being the biggest one, why....more

A Cry From Nogales

How many of us have heard our children cry because it's dark.  Their cry is always full of distress even if we reassure them that everything is okay. Last night Ian was behaving "not so good" and he was about to face a time out in the living room, since it was begginning to get dark I still hadn't switched on the lights.  However it wasn't dark either, but he cried to me that it was dark and raised his arms to hug me.  You know, the kind that shouts, "Please, don't put me down that I'm frightened."...more