The Problem with Jack Sparrow: On Pirates, Princesses & Kids' Play

Let's take pirates, for example. Pirates are awesome, right? We love it when little boys - and especially little girls - want to dress up as pirates and engage in play swashbuckling. They're like teeny Jack Sparrows! How adorable! But when we celebrate pirate play - over, say, princess play - what is it, exactly, that we're celebrating? ...more

The whole problem with encouraging little princesses and little pirates is that some children ...more

Let Us All Submit To Love

 When Virgil wrote, in his tenth Eclogue, that love conquers all -- omnia vincit amor -- he was not making a statement about the power of love to overcome all obstacles. He was not suggesting that love can or should prevail over anyone or anything that might stand in its way; he was not asserting that love is subject only to its own rules; he was not saying, with the poet Bono, that love is a higher law. He was not saying that love conquers everything. He was saying that love conquers everyone. Love conquers us all -- it defeats all of us, it claims dominion over all of us, it overpowers every single one of us -- and so we really should just consider surrendering. Omni vincit amor et nos cedamus amori, bitches....more

Can we also send our spouses and friends and family to bed early? :-)

I like the idea, but ...more

What's In Your Chicken? Canadian Investigation Suggests That You Might Not Want That Kiev For Dinner

Today, the CBC -- Canada's public broadcaster -- released a report that indicates that the chickens that Canadians are buying at their local supermarkets are very probably chock-full of not-so-delicious superbugs. Is it too alarmist of me to say that this freaking horrifies me? ...more

Hey Catherine, thanks for sharing this. It really is so due past time for a huge makeover of ...more

Facebook Stole My Commenters (And My Blog Is The Better For it)

People came to my blog, and they commented, or didn’t comment, and I went to their blogs, and commented, or didn’t comment, and whatever discussions were taking place about the content on our blogs were taking place, well, on our blogs. That, of course, has all changed. Now, our blogs are more often than not only one of many spaces that we occupy on the Internet, and only one node in the many conversations that we’re having there. So what does that do for our blog traffic, or other traditional markers of blog "success"? ...more

You should be posting all of the photos of your creations on Facebook as well! I know plenty of ...more

It Happened to One of Us: On Preventable Deaths and Fear

That the death was preventable is what adds an extra punch to the gut here. Because that whole idea, that death can be preventable, is what torments all of us, parents especially. It's what draws us to the idea of so-called helicopter parenting; it's what keeps us up at night, listening for our babies' breathing; it's what leads us to imagine that it's entirely possible that we'll never want to let our children learn to drive, or date, or even leave the house alone. We're terrified by the idea -- the idea that I think most of us know so intimately that we can practically feel it, touch it, see it glimmering in the air before us -- that something might happen to our children that we could have prevented, that we might, someday, face the dreaded specter of 'if only I'd... ...more

This story reminds me of the time that a cabinet that I installed in the laundry room fell off ...more

Owning My Beauty: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Nose (Sort Of)

A couple of years ago, Ashlee Simpson got a nose job. It’s not the sort of thing that I pay attention to, usually –- the rate of cosmetic surgical alteration undergone by celebrities major and minor is far beyond anything that I could or would want to keep track of -- but for some reason, Ashlee Simpson’s nose job really bothered me. I ranted a bit about how fashion magazines were treating the story -- Marie Claire, for one, took Ms. Simpson to task for altering her nose –- and said some things about hypocrisy and the social construction of beauty. And then I asked myself, so? What of that? Why does this bother me, really? Why do I care? ...more

I, like so many other posters on here, was teased for my nose as a youth. "banana nose" or "I ...more

Should Expectant Moms Be Discouraged From Inducing Labor?

Are you pregnant and living in Minnesota? Guess what: if you find yourself wanting to induce your labor, you might be up against some obstacles, because the state of Minnesota would really prefer that you not do that, thank you very much. It's poised to pass legislation requiring expectant mothers to fill out extensive paperwork if they want to be induced, in an effort to reduce the rate of induced labors in that state. ...more
Interesting....I am 35 so I had the AMA stamp.  My physician brought my age up at almost every ...more

On Being a Good Mother, and Why Erica Jong Was Mostly Wrong

But, she adds, "I can't imagine having done it any other way." So why could she not leave it at that, admit that she did it the only way that she could, that she did the best she could, and sure, maybe she made some mistakes along the way -- one cannot mother without making some mistakes along the way -- and maybe she wished that there had been other alternatives for her, but end of the day: she did her best, full stop. Isn't that what we should all aim for? ...more
<p>Sure, in a perfect world I'd be a perfect mom</p>  I adore being a mother.   It ...more

Demi Lovato Checked Herself Into Rehab: Let's Give The Girl A Hand

So. Demi Lovato has, apparently, checked herself into rehab to address “emotional and physical issues.” The media, of course, is all over this: another young female celebrity, crushed under the weight of the pressure of being a young female celebrity. Oh, the tragedy! Oh, the inevitability! Oh, the legacy of Lohan! OH THE DISNEY CURSE! ...more

I can only imagine how heart broken her parents are. I have three little girls who adore Demi ...more

Do We Really Need to Panic Over the Fisher Price Recall?

It's not that I don't worry about choking hazards and stabby parts and sick-making paint on the things that my children use and play with. On the contrary, I've been known to worry too much. I've done so much hand-wringing over my childrens' safety since they were born that it's a wonder that my fingers haven't fallen off. I have worried and worried and worried again. And honestly, it's getting a little exhausting, and I'm kind of wishing that I could just stop. ...more

I don't think we should panic about this recent recall, every couple month's I brace myself ...more