Jumpstarting our Morning

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Why is that everything about shopping at Target is more pleasant that pretty much any other store. From the Starbucks on the way in to the carts that literally glide across the floor, I find that I handle the(...) The post Jumpstarting our Morning appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Prime Time for Holiday Shopping

It’s Christmas in July otherwise known as Amazon Prime Day where the deals are better than black Friday. If you aren’t an amazon prime member today is the perfect day to sign up and snag some of these deals! Here are some of my favorite items on sale to day that I’m snagging for Christmas/birthdays!(...) The post Prime Time for Holiday Shopping appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Easy DIY Mud Kitchen


Big Girl Carseat

Adelaide recently upgraded to a harness to booster carseat and she is pretty much in love. You may know the brand RECARO from the high quality seats that they make for race cars and I was so thrilled to learn that they are now making carseats for kiddos. I showed Adelaide some pictures of race(...) The post Big Girl Carseat appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Austin Momiform

If you’ve never been to Austin, TX then you’re missing out — the food is amazing, the music scene is second to none and the casual vibe is perfect for that mom life, except for the heat. It’s so hot here that I want to wear shorts or dresses every day and my old momiform(...) The post Austin Momiform appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Why We Choose Goat Milk for Our Kids

When I was breastfeeding my daughter, there was a point when I had to have a minor surgery and couldn’t nurse for a couple days due to the meds I was on. My midwife suggested giving my daughter goat milk because it was easy to digest and...more

Why We Send New Year’s Cards

There are several reasons that we choose to send New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards. First of all, it’s a much easier deadline to meet. The Christmas holidays are always a busy time of year and I definitely don’t always have it together enough to send cards out on time to arrive by Christmas,(...) The post Why We Send New Year’s Cards appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Oregon Coast Beaches

I left Oregon a few weeks before Richard...more

Curly Hair Don’t Care

Growing up, I never really liked my curly hair. I was always jealous of my friends with thin, stick straight hair and how they never had to worry about frizz or bad hair days. Luckily I embraced my curly hair around my junior year of high school when I learned from a fellow curly haired(...) The post Curly Hair Don’t Care appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Easy Coconut Chicken Strip Recipe

We’ve created a new delicious and easy recipe in our house that is toddler-friendly to boot. It requires very little ingredients, minimal prep time and it’s always scarfed down by the whole family. All you need is Chicken breasts or strips (I prefer the strips so I don’t have to handle the meat as(...) The post Easy Coconut Chicken Strip Recipe appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more