Curly Hair Don’t Care

Growing up, I never really liked my curly hair. I was always jealous of my friends with thin, stick straight hair and how they never had to worry about frizz or bad hair days. Luckily I embraced my curly hair around my junior year of high school when I learned from a fellow curly haired(...) The post Curly Hair Don’t Care appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Easy Coconut Chicken Strip Recipe

We’ve created a new delicious and easy recipe in our house that is toddler-friendly to boot. It requires very little ingredients, minimal prep time and it’s always scarfed down by the whole family. All you need is Chicken breasts or strips (I prefer the strips so I don’t have to handle the meat as(...) The post Easy Coconut Chicken Strip Recipe appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Podcast is Live!!

Richard and I have worked so hard this summer to create The Birth Hour, a podcast where each episode is a mom sharing her birth story in her own words. It’s been such a fun project and we’ve poured some serious blood, sweat and tears into it! We’d be so appreciative if you(...) The post Podcast is Live!! ...more

Figuring Out Easy Meal Plans With Kids

Lately, we’ve kind of gotten into a rut with our meal planning, especially dinner. Breakfast and lunch seem to be really easy to plan and prepare but by the time...more

Integrating TV Into Our Home

Since moving into our new house, we were really perplexed as to where to put the TV. We didn’t want it to be a focal point in the room but it needed to be viewable for us and the kids. (Yes our kids watch some television!) We were pretty excited when we had to opportunity(...) The post Integrating TV Into Our Home appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Replacing Carpet with Laminate

After owning a large dog and having children, I’ve learned that carpet is never a good idea. As soon as we settled on our house, we knew one of the first things we’d be doing is replacing the carpet with laminate, wood or tile. It’s amazing how inexpensive some of these products are today and(...) The post Replacing Carpet with Laminate appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Living Room Reveal with The Decorista

I’m so excited to share the final product of our living room e-decorating project that I collaborated on with Ashlina of The Decorista. The entire house has completely transformed from when we first moved in and truly feels like a magical space with all of the elements of hygge...more

Getting Back on Track

Since moving to Austin I have really let my health take a back burner. I feel like I never have time to work out and I’m constantly surrounded by delicious things like chips and queso, breakfast tacos and margaritas. To add to that, my office is a typical tech start-up environment and has unlimited snacks(...) The post Getting Back on Track appeared first on Her Own Wings ....more

Getting Back on Track

When I was asked to participate in the RepHresh campaign it really got me thinking about all of the facets of my health that really should be priorities. I mean I would never put off one of my children’s doctor appointments or daily health needs so why should I deny myself the basic health needs and self-care that we mothers really need....more

1st Day of School Shopping

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carter’s. I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. Adelaide starts preschool next week and she is beyond excited ....more