Useful Bedtime Products for Toddlers

Bedtime has been a real challenge lately and we have tried just about everything. Here are a few of the products that have actually helped make bedtime, morning time, and 3am-time a teensy bit easier. This timer is great for putting a limit on the bedtime routine ....more

Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

The whole time Richard and I have been together we have never had a real Christmas tree. The first year we lived together we made a tree out of a bar stool and a green fleece blanket because we were so broke. This year living in the Pacific Northwest I was determined to go pick(...) ...more

Gift Ideas for a New Mom During the Holidays

My daughter was born on New Year’s Eve (despite being due on Dec. 15) and I was very overwhelmed with all of the normal hulla-baloo of the holidays plus having a newborn that I had expected to be here long before Christmas. I thought I would share a few tips for those of you looking(...) ...more

Citizen Blue

**This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small compensation at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. As always, all opinions are my own. I have shared the adorable clothes for boys and girls over at Tea Collection before and am super excited to share(...) ...more

The Name Game Meme

So the latest thing to do (that is entirely productive I promise!) is to go to google images and search your first name and then the word meme and then share the first image that shows up. Here’s what came up when I searched “bryn meme”. What does your name come up with? ...more

Easy Kid Art DIY for under $5

I am a huge fan of creating BIG art. Kids are so used to coloring and doing small art projects at school that there is some really special about giving them the freedom to create something big. Ideally, I’d like to give each kid a really nice big canvas to paint on but that can(...) ...more

You At the Center of Your Life

I started the...more

For Love of Podcasts

My husband has been nerding out on Podcasts for quite awhile now and while I love NPR and radio in general I had zero interest in listening to Podcasts until recently. When I upgraded my phone recently and actually had the ability to download apps again, my husband downloaded this app for me and set(...) ...more

Empathy on Coffee+Crumbs

I am featured over at Coffee+Crumbs today which is a collaborative blog about motherhood that features honest essays from mothers of all walks of life. My post today is about our experience on WIC when we first moved to Oregon. I’ve already received such great feedback from moms who have been there or who have(...) ...more

Around the Web

These look like a toddler’s thanksgiving dream. Have you read this awesome article about tackling your morning routine with kids? I really want these boots after reading this post ....more