March Madness

My hubby is amazing. I could not be happier or luckier. Why you say? Because he HATES sports! No ESPN. No Sports Illustrated. Nothing. Granted he has his obsessions like any man: space stuff and nature for example, but I can deal with those....more

Lost Love

Yesterday we went to Atwoods, a like farming and feed store because it's near Easter and they have bunnies.  I raise litter box trained house rabbit(s) so I LOVE anything at all to do with bunnies.  We got our first bunny, Padfoot, there in 2006.  In 2008, Padfoot died from a pasturella abscess in her lung exploding.  Needless to say we were devastated.  I just wanted to play with the bunnies.  And they were gorgeous.  And they were Padfoot's breed.  And they had her eyes.  And they looked like her.  And they are more than likely related to ...more

Dealing with Diets

I have realized today that weight loss is so much more than diet and exercise. It is a lifestyle change. This weekend I ate well and badly. There was queso and chicken fried steak and brocoli and cheese casserole. I gained a pound and a half since Thursday. No I do not think I ate 7000 calories, yes my monthly causes fluctuations, however I assumed the amount of exercise I did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday would even me out. Especially since I fit into the pair of jeans I bought in November to encourage me to work past my plateau....more

I feel like the above comment is a scam. I have serious trouble believing that there is such ...more

School days

There were 7 fights today at my school. If the not my assistant principal doesn’t get off my butt about wanting me to do bitch work for her I’m going to be angry. I am not her secretary to do her emails. I’ve been put in charge of the entire reading program for the school and I’m a noob. She better back off. Today she walked in on a meeting with me, my coteacher and the head principal again and started spouting off stuff till head principal said he could speak for himself. Ugh! And she reprimanded coteacher for nothing today....more

Lots of Stuff

Yesterday, besides personal meltdown about turning 25 and not being anywhere near where I wanted to be, I had a nice and lazy day, though not too lazy and full of cleaning. The blogosphere was slow and boring, making me want to spam like crazy and not spam. What was my personal meltdown about you may ask?...more

Lists are Love

So, here’s some funny, random, political, nerdy, ridiculousness for your weekend. Topics: smoking, spiders, being a smart aleck, over achieving with lesson plans, nerding it up, etc. I will try not to be so disconnected and long winded in the future, though no promises....more

I love lists, too! And I don't like spiders, either!


I couldn't let it go This article talks about a woman who had several fingers bitten off by a bear at a zoo in Wisconsin because she was drunk and went past all the signs that said stay away and do not feed the animals. It later goes on to talk about a 2 year old who went to pet the wolves and got his arm torn off and the animals were euthanized....more

Suit Sadness

I did something I haven’t done in five years: bought a bathing suit. No it’s not exciting I fit in the same one for five years, the elastic just got that worn out that it stretched with me to create the giant blimp grodiness that was me. Also I was super poor, poorer than now, and didn’t care about things like body image and stuff like boobs being in the right place. So I bought a swimsuit. And not just any swimsuit, a bikini from Victoria's Secret. The horror!...more