The Alvarez Women

One mother. Three sisters. Several continents. The Alvarez women represent the world in a unique and beautiful way. Matilde Alvarez lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she has lived most of her life. Her two daughters, Mariana and Myriam live in other parts of the world and her youngest daughter, Maricel "Lulu," has stayed in Buenos Aires. They travel far and wide to be together and they bring their individual style with them....more

It makes good scents

I start my day with a brief, silent meditation. Not a crazy, over-the-top meditation where I have to think too much about whether I am doing it right or not. I simply light my candle called Spa Therapy “Calming” and I try to think positive and grateful thoughts. Before I do anything else. Before I eat breakfast. Before I see my family. Before I even think about what I will wear for the day and put on my makeup. Because what I am learning is that working from the inside – out and tending to my inner voice affects everything else that happens to me during the day....more

What Farnoosh Thinks

"I always try to keep my style simple yet sophisticated." Farnoosh...more

Am I a little stuck?

I watched fashion stylist Lloyd Boston on a television show helping a woman update her look after losing 45 pounds. You may not know him but Lloyd Boston is a television host and regular stylist on The Today Show. He recently wrote a book called, “The Style Checklist,” and his fashion sense is on-target....more

It's a cover up!

 While getting ready for vacation I uncovered a summer fashion conspiracy: not only is it wrenching to find a swimsuit, it can be just as daunting (and expensive) to find a swimsuit cover up.  I went through the process recently and it was eye-opening and horrifying at the same time. ...more

Aging gratefully

I celebrated a birthday this week and I am in a reflective mood. I turned 52 and appear to be keeping good company. Barbie is just a year older than I am. The ever-popular mini skirt (second most-sold skirt worldwide behind the A-line) turns 50 this year. And news on the fashion street is that the clothing company known for its youth inspired advertising, American Apparel, has hired a 60-year old woman in its new advertising campaign called "Advanced Basics." Her name is Jacky and she has never modeled before....more

"I am comfortable with my height"

My lovely friend Tina is 6 feet tall and wears clothes beautifully....more

Jean's tuxedo

I found a kindred spirit in my next-door neighbor, Jean, when I moved to my house 13 years ago. We became fast friends and even though Jean is now in her mid 80s we have much in common and speak often – about life in general and fashion in particular. Today the subject was Jean’s tuxedo. It is an interesting story and one to which I definitely relate. Jean bought her tuxedo (a classic Brooks Brothers with satin trim, sans cumberbun) in 1991 for a New Year’s Eve party. Classic man-style tuxedos for women were just starting to trend and Jean was always up on what was en-vogue....more

Mirrors and scales

A little secret: I haven't owned a scale for years. The way I measure my weight is to try on clothes (usually my trusted jeans) and see how far I can button them. Every now and then I do actually weigh myself when I am at the doctor or have a reason to take my sons to the doctor. When this happens, I strip down as much as decently possible before I move the slide ruler. And this is why I don't own a scale; I would weigh myself constantly and become obsessive about the whole process....more

Don't discount me

Don't Discount Me...more