Five Moments When This Mom Feels like Bridget Jones

It gives me comfort during those moments of parenthood when things feel most absurd to think of Bridget Jones, and what it would look like if she were in my shoes. ...more
 @@BehavioralChild hahahahaha. having seen your post if your daughter's oval office drawing, I ...more

The Easter Bunny Doeth Bring Too Much

"I heard some kids say that the Easter Bunny brought them ipods and itouches," my daughter mumbles sullenly during her after school snack. I am momentarily stunned. I have never heard her say "ipod." ...more
 @@BehavioralChild Thanks for the encouragement. At least now I'll remember to gently remind the ...more

How I am Trying to Change What it Means to Publish Fiction One Episode at a Time

The following video is a multimedia experiment in taking fiction to its next incarnation-- the youtube story! The fictional episode below is part of a web series in online fiction called Sweet Om America, featuring different immigrant characters who live in the suburbs during the Recession. Episode 4  highlights the story of a new bride from India who has just arrived in America the day before. Thanks for "reading"!   ...more

Why do Americans Fight More about Abortion than the Rest of the World?

When I hear or read people proclaiming their pro-life views on behalf of American unborn fetuses, my response is a bone-deep weariness. Cut to the recent comment trail in response to Erica Holloway's "Liberals Don't Own Women's Rights" Election 2012 post, which has spawned some discussion about reproductive rights and what they mean. ...more Thanks for this example.more

Self-Destructing Artifacts: Procrastinating the Inevitable Tweet

Some years ago, I had a fantasy about digital bumper stickers on cars and how wonderful it would be if we could communicate real information (“Get off of my tail”; “baby napping in back seat– drive around”; “new to the neighborhood–drive around”) on demand to anyone looking....more

Notes on Woebegone Reading Habits

Ask any starving writer today to take a turn through the Books section at Target and you might have to buy him a cup of coffee to buck him up afterwards....more

Sweet Om America: A Multimedia Tale of the Immigrant Dream-- Episode 1

Episode 1: The Catcher in the Guidance OfficeDr. Mala SinghIt all begins when Alina’s father fails to get tenure at his university. : Tales of the Immigrant Dream...more

Why I Love the Anarchy of Snow Days

Today is our fourth snow day here in Atlanta, GA, though snow has not fallen on the ground for two and half days. E-mails between parents at my daughter’s elementary school flit back and forth, decrying the nuttiness of these cancellations. One can hear the desperation in people’s tones as they bemoan their inability to get back to work, back to the gym, and get their kids back to the institutional safety of brick walls and weekly units. But I don’t see it that way at all, even if the holidays just got finished up. Our city’s lack of snow-how is an unexpected gift. ...more

Facing 35 with Compromised Perspectives

I suspect strongly that aside from a chocolate cake and dinner reservations my husband may have nothing special planned for my 35th birthday tomorrow. On his 35th two years ago, I surprised him with a Wii. (Two years before that I sent him skiing, but who’s keeping track?) I’ve gotten used to turning the flame down on my expectations after becoming a mother, and for the most part I’ve learned to see a full and rich day as more than enough of a gift for special occasions. ...more