Anxiety and the First Day of School

It never occurred to me how important the first day of school was... especially for two kids (10 and 8-years) who were seemingly old hat at it!  Yesterday, my daughter, the 10 year-old, relayed her uneasiness to me. She had trouble sleeping and seemed a bit anxious. I asked her to lay beside me and that's when she said that she was worried because she had a new teacher and because her best friends were in different classes. She wasn't sure what to expect but was not comfortable starting school this way. I told her a story of when I started school in Grade 11....more

The Segregated Internet: The Walled Garden that lives among an Open Source Internet Society

A few weeks ago, a few friends of mine, Steven Taylor @stevenltaylor and Martin Byrne @mbyrne2323 had a philosophical and yet cynical discussion about this growing notion of the "Splinternet" which was initally coined by (Doc Searles and Rich Tehrani) Thanks to ...more

Look at yourself after watching this

I saw this video through a friend of mine who posted it onto facebook. It was so powerful I couldn't stop crying ---- in my office. I had to surreptitiously find a way to cover-up my tears without people knowing why I was so emotional. I guaratee you will think twice about yourHessie JonesVP Social Media, Toronto, Canadawebsite:

Hi there. My name is Hessie Jones

I am a social media geek, an online marketer, hockey and soccer mom and cellist ( when there is time). I'm so glad I found a site with all these really cool women who are accomplished in their own right and have time to do it all. I want to connect with people in the social media space because this space is so nascent with very few rules at this time. I want to understand what some people identify as best practices and how they navigate through social media. ...more

Social Media Marketing Successes

I am an insane social media geek who loves this space and the endless possibilities of this technology. I've spoken to a lot of people who represent large corporations as well as medium and smaller businesses. This social computing world is so foreign to them and they are not even aware of the huge opportunities they have to leverage it for their business.  I've interviewed two guys as part of my "Social Media Success" Series: Joselin Mane of and Alejandro Reyes of I've recently posted my interview with Joselin Mane to my blog: ...more