Fresh Nectarine Salsa

This quick to make nectarine salsa makes the perfect topping for fish tacos, sweet and light with a gentle kick from sweet onions....more

Lemon Parmesan Kale

If you're looking for a way to make kale tempting for a certain someone, who thinks they suddenly don't like kale, try adding cheese. A tiny sprinkle of dry grated Parmesan, I used Kraft for this type of light dusting, made all the difference in the "I will eat your three bites" rule we have established around here. And it can lead a certain someone, smallest child I am looking at you, down the path towards actually remembering they like kale and asking for more....more

Red White and Blue Wedge Salad

If you're looking for something fun to make for a Fourth of July picnic or party, that's patriotic themed but not loaded with sugar, make a tray of Red White and Blue Wedge Salads to share with friends. This is simply a pretty typical wedge salad, topped with blue cheese dressing, red peppers and chopped tomatoes, so if you have a salad you like add a little red, white and blue toppings for a patriotic touch and call it good....more

Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing

Looking for a creamy tangy salad dressing recipe? If you like blue cheese (or bleu cheese!) you'll love this easy to prepare salad dressing. My father loved blue cheese dressing, I was the only one in our family who loved it too ....more

My Eating Plan for Losing Weight

I've been working pretty steadily at losing weight, almost 60 pounds down, more to go until I'm as healthy as I want to be. I keep getting asked a lot of questions like: what do you eat? what do you not eat? ...more

Any Fruit Cobbler

Lots of summer fruit? Or perhaps you're still chugging through the rest of last year's abundant harvest? Either way, if you want to use it up quick and radically reduce the amount of fruit lingering about, make a cobbler....more

Plums and Roses...Jam

Got a lot of plum? And roses? And a little time? ...more

Fat Shaming and the Rage Beast

As a precursor to this I should state that I have been losing weight, working through self image problems and generally trying to love myself. It's things like what happened in this post that can either cause a set back OR a giant step forward. ...more

Persian Pork Stew

Looking for something new and unique to do with your rhubarb, why not try this recipe for Persian Pork Stew?...more