Learning To Fly

This past Monday, a friend of mine at work gave me the following affirmation that she tears from a daily affirmation book:   "Daughters are not the chance to do a corrective rerun on one's own misguided youth.  They want their own misguided youth."  Pam Brown  ...more

It's Almost About That Time

I am always surprised that I have made it this far with a ten and a seven year old, without having to address exactly where it is that babies come from.  We talk about babies all the time.  And we talk about Mom's being pregnant, babies coming out of belly's {as Lily did} as opposed to babies coming out of vagina's {as Belle did}, but the question, "how does the baby actually get in your belly?", has never come up....more

There are lots of good age appropriate books at the library that you your daughters could read ...more

Travel as a Life Lesson

Before I had kids, I use to daydream about the beautiful places we would take them on vacation.  At the time, I wasn't working and Drew had a flexible work schedule, so one month every year in another country, didn't seem all that far fetched.  A flat in Paris, a villa in Tuscany, an apartment overlooking the Danube, it didn't matter.  My goal was to spend one month living as the ...more

Whispering Sweet Nothings

Because I get up so early during the work week, on the weekends I try to stay in bed curled up and warm, for as long as I can.  The girls usually come in sometime around 8am, crawl into our bed and watch TV.  I took off this past Friday, so when the girls woke up Lily came into my room, got in bed and we snuggled for a little while before she got ready for school.  We were talking about...more

Total Texting Freedom

I just switched my texting plan from 200 texts to unlimited monthly texting, and I feel fantastic! How silly is that?...more

Santa, the Mind Reader

By this time of year, I am usually just about done with my Christmas shopping for the girls.  I always have to have one or two presents that deliver a real Wow factor, of which I already have in my possession.  After raiding two different Abercrombie stores this past weekend, I have the clothes portion of the gift list checked off as well.  All I need are the last few special treats that fill up the bottom of the tree and fill the girls with amusement as they tear open the packages....more

The More the Merrier

The more the merrier.  That's the mantra in our house.  The more the merrier....more

Mani/Pedi's at Nine

Last night when I got off the train and jumped into our waiting car, Belle immediately asked me if this Thursday she could go with her friend Emma "to get a mani/pedi"?   "A what??" I yelled.   "A mani/pedi" she replied as if she were a thirty-year old working women paying her own bills.   "Are you kidding me, a mani/pedi?" I replied. "A nine year old shouldn't even know what a mani/pedi is."   Clearly she knows what a mani is as she has been asking for one since that fateful day when her sister went on a play date and got one with a friend.  And the gross injustice of that fact will haunt me forever....more

When I was eight, I got my first mani/pedi - as a treat. I realized that I didn't like waiting ...more

The Pitfalls of Technology

I have decided that the convenience and immediacy of texting and emailing, has made people very lazy.  Texting and emailing allows people to say things they wouldn't normally say because there is no immediate consequence and therefore no filter is necessary.  People may flinch when you send them an inappropriate or rude text, but you can't see it.  You can't see the hurt in their eyes, or their look of disbelief that you have just said what you actually said.  ...more

Conversations about Love and Tongues

The conversations in our house have always been extremely candid.  A, we are not a shy bunch and B, I want to be as upfront as I can with my girls about things they ask me about, without crossing that line into discussing things that aren't age appropriate.  But lucky for my girls and their need-to-know, my holding back doesn't happen too often.  ...more