Let's Talk About Race, Baby; : Let's Talk About You & Me

Oh yeah, I'm still going there. I'm not done thinking yet. And it's still not going to be comfortable. Start here. NPR. Yes. You have to. Yes. It's listening. A whole 6.5 minutes of your life. And yes, you will have to listen actively and think. ...more

Black Girl, White Mom: Part 2

  So my last post, I stomped my mama bear paw and pointed my finger and wondered out loud. ...more

White Mama, Black Daughter; Fierce or Invisible

Good or bad for all of you, I process the events of my life pen to paper here in this space.This one might be long and winding, jumbled and brutal. I'm pretty certain it won't be for the faint of heart.My daughter is 7 and I am just beginning to fully realize the extent of what it will be, to be her mama for life....more
Yes this is the real world but don't let it rule you.more

Cards & Letters

This is the season. Cards and letters fill up the mail box. Or some people's mail boxes. Ours stays empty. Deservedly so. I only get on the Christmas card band wagon every 5 years or so. If you don't send them, you don't receive them. Now before you get all flustered thinking I'm upset about this, I'm not. In the "modern" world of constant connections and communications, I feel like, Christmas cards? Who needs 'em. We are all so connected with each other these days thanks to social media, we know way more about each other than we really need too....more

Holiday Blog Rant Party, You're Invited!

  December does not have to equal drama.Heads up, right from the first words, there are about 932 of you in my world that are going to read this and get bent out of shape because your drama isn't a drama, but a situation.  It's justified.  It's unavoidable.  It's not your fault.  It's this or that or you have a reason, an excuse, a big fat whatever.It's December 1st. ...more

Be Kind

  Abuse is abuse. Period.Abuse is all up in the news again these days.  There are a pack of nasty adults doing the unthinkable to kids. ...more

My Dreams

  There are those of you out there that for whatever reasons question me, my sanity, my wisdom, my decisions and so on.  I can hear your words, the grains of truth and the heart behind it all.  I hear your concerns and compassion. But still I feel compelled to say, I do not make my choices lightly or on whims.  OK, maybe I do when it comes to my hair or picking a bottle of wine but never when it comes to my family, my kids....more

Vanity Whore

  I'm 40. And I confess it.  I'm still a vanity whore.  A girly girl.  A whatever you want to call it.Yup.  I know I'm not some hott 20 something model.  I know I'm rockin' a middle age-ish used mom body and all that.  I know I'm more likely to have someone looking at my butt because there is a sticker stuck to it or something than because it's something to look at.  I know I'm not in high school any more. ...more

Adoption Pile On

  I don't typically blog more than once in a day, but I guess it's an exceptional day.November is National Adoption Month.  The goal being to make all of us more aware of the adoption needs within our country. I usually ignore the activist month or day for whatever cause, no matter how good a cause it is or how much it touches my life.  I'm just not a big shout if from the roof tops kind of gal....more

Grow Up Already!

  NaBloPoMo is offering up a juicy one today!The prompt is: What is the moment you leave childhood and enter adulthood?This is such a great question, but I'm not sure where to start on it. ...more