“Not now kids, I am watching the Walton’s.”

My son came up to me the other day and informed me his phone no longer worked.I gave him a look like, “What do you want me to do about it?” (As if I didn’t know the answer to that.)He gave me a look like, “Grab the keys, mom; we need to go and buy me a new one!” (With no upgrade in site.)I, knowing the importance of a teenager having a phone, suggested on a compromise for awhile. A phone that merely talks and texts?God forbid! He’d rather have nothing.And that’s what he has, moping around the house like he has lost his best friend…...more

Dear Daughter, you might as well have said you hated me…

It's all Tim McGraw's fault....http://inheatherwords.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/dear-daughter-you-might-a......more

Dear Daughter, I want you to have choices.

You live with me, honey, not the Kardashians...http://wp.me/p3TCwg-3q  via @wordpressdotcom...more

Curtain Calls for the little blue dress…

I thought the dress would bring me luck, but....http://wp.me/p3TCwg-3j  via @wordpressdotcom...more

So there's this guy...

It is good to be a regular in some places. Church. The gym....more

My life sucks…according to Facebook

I received a text from my friend “Sue” the other day. She was upset that a mutual friend of ours was, “Kelly”, was wine tasting very near to where Sue lived, and did not call her to let her know. How did she find this out?...more

Dear Daughter, Yes you are going to school on Valentine’s Day

She has already asked if she can stay home.I asked why?She hates Valentine’s Day.She’s 14 and a freshman in high school.I so get it....more
I understand. I have two teenage daughters, and I know how hard this day is. They do not have ...more

Even in my own Neighborhood...

As I write this I am sad. Sad and still a little bit in shock.  I live in a peaceful neighborhood full of young children and hard working, dog walking parents. Everyone decorates for everything. Everyone takes care of their yards. There are block parties. It is one of those kinds of neighborhoods.Except for one house......more

Yes, I AM With The Band...

In my wonderful big haired and tight jeans youth I think there was one phrase I would have (almost) given my right arm to say, “Yes...I am with the band.” ...more

I Love The Man….But I Want My Own Bedroom

I was married for almost twenty years and then lived on my own for the past five, until last year when my man of two years and I decided to cohabitate. Not gonna lie...I loved living alone. And when I say alone I mean alone with my three kids, a cat and a dog. I loved it; coming home from work, making dinner for my gang, retreating to my bedroom after the dog was walked and turning on the TV to whatever I wanted to watch. Baseball, gritty dramas, QVC, CNN. And then turning off the lights and ahhhh…peace and quiet and a whole entire bed all to myself....more