DIY Honey Face Mask

Hola Tanneritos! (I'm currently watching Full House with my little lady, I don't normally greet people that way; but don't act like you didn't know what that was from!)  So today I'm going to give you the run down on my honey mask. My very first post ever was on the DIY Orange Juice Face Mask and I did that one first because it was my most recent discovery but this one is my favorite. ...more
I have a similar recipe, but mine adds olive oil and nutmeg.  I love it as a mask, but also use ...more

DIY Foot Soak for Summer Ready Feet

Ok so anyone who knows me, knows I loathe feet. Some people have a foot fetish, I have a foot phobia. I don't want to touch them, look at them or be anywhere around them. Unfortunately for me, I have 2 attached  to the bottom of my legs. Or fortunately, depending on how you wanna look at it. But anyway something that makes them even worse is when they're ugly. I have what I believe to be ugly foot syndrome. Of course I can't really judge objectively but I have spent my life walking around barefoot. I hate socks and locating a pair of shoes is just too much work. And that takes it's toll. ...more

DIY Zit Zapper

So, zits. Aren't they fabulous? No, they aren't. I hate even the word. It even sounds gross! But, we all get them, we all have to deal with them at some point. Me now more than ever. I have more breakouts now, close to age 30, than I did as a teenager. I guess I'm just lucky like that. You gotta do something about them but what? You guys know how I love my DIY face masks and this is another winner!...more
This actually does work really well, and not a lot of people know about it so great job on the ...more

The No 'Poo Method: How to Wash Your Hair WithOUT Shampoo!

No, I'm not talking about your bowels. In fact, if there was "no poo" you'd have real problems and you should probably get that checked out. What I'm talking about is shamPOO, or a lack thereof. It's a real thing, I promise. There is an entire website about it and a Facebook Group dedicated to it. I'm giving you some real info that will change your life. Change your life, I say!!...more
well do you have any alternatives to baking soda cause i truly can't find it anywhere where i live.more

DIY Two-Tone Nails (An Easy Cheat!)

DIY Ombre Nails


Easy (No Curling Iron Needed) Beach Waves

It's summer and we all want beach waves. I don't have a beach but dang it, I want the waves anyway! I tried for a really long time with a curling iron and it just wasn't the same. You could totally tell that I hadn't been to the beach! (In case that didn't efficiently come across as sarcasm, I don't really think I'm going to fool anyone into thinking I've actually been to the beach. Just FYI) So if your curling iron is letting you down too or (gasp) your curling iron went out, you can still get your waves. ...more