Vanilla Cinnamon Scones

The other night, we had just gone to bed when the cat discovered one of his jingly ball toys. He loves those silly little things intensely, and was soon chasing it happily around the house, crashing into various walls and pieces of furniture while the ball jingled merrily away. ...more

Monday Moments: Mr. Dressup

Not a day goes by that this little guy doesn’t dress up as something or someone unexpected. Even if he’s dressing up as the same lion cub or astronaut as previously, he’s sure to add an extra tiara, pair of dinosaur slippers, or stethoscope tail so he can proudly declare, “You’ve never seen THIS one […] ...more

Nutty Granola

I made the grevious error of buying “all-natural” trail mix a few weeks ago. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? A...more

Monday Moments: Home Again

February! Welcome to the month of manufactured love, pink and red everythings, and general warm fuzzies. While I am decidedly cynical about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, I am also decidedly in love with love and have already been to the dollar store to stock up on Valentine’s gear to surprise the kids ....more

Lentil Oat Berry Muffins

Well, how many people resolved over the holidays that the time had come to really commit to their goals to eat healthier, sleep more, exercise better, and all those other equally noble, important things? Yeah, me too. Then I got hooked on Suits...more

Monday Moments: White Chairs

I’m developing a real thing for white chairs. We have two off-white armchairs in our kitchen, and now I’m painting the kitchen table’s chairs as well, and some might say I could not have picked a worse colour for a busy kitchen. But, to me, white chairs are a thing of beauty and inspiration ....more

Cactus Club Flatbread Copycat Recipe

I finally bought myself a couple new cutting boards, and it’s life changing. My sister and I were discussing how many things we consider life changing the other day, and I must admit, for me, the number is not small. There are just so many little things that make life simpler, more relaxed, cleaner, quieter, […] ...more

Monday Moments: Brotherly Love

There are few things better than...more

Monday Moments

Aaah, holidays. ...more

The Spring Clean that almost wasn’t {but then was, thanks to Finish Dishwasher Cleaner}

So it has recently come to my attention that dishwashers are a thing that need to be cleaned. For some reason I assumed all the cleaning it did of my dishes would automatically result in clean guts as well – washing is washing, is it not? Well, no, it seems it is not ....more