Banana Bran Muffins

There’s a large bush on our walk to the bus stop that keeps encroaching further and further onto the sidewalk. Normally this isn’t the kind of thing I would comment on as, not being the type to trim my own bushes, who am I to judge. Except this particular bush always has multiple bees busily […] ...more

Monday Moments: Overboard

Well, just like that a month is over and our inaugural boarders are off on an epic trip across the country while we live vicariously through their Facebook feed. The kids loved them, and I think we were all a little sad to see them go. ...more

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Two days ago, we walked home from bringing Gemma to the bus stop, opened the garage door to go in, and a large, glossy red chicken walked out. ...more

Monday Moments: River Dance

I could get used to this country-ish living. With...more

Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Last weekend we went out for nachos and dessert because, well,...more

Monday Moments: Flashback

While we were moving I found an envelope of old pictures I had borrowed from my sister, who had gotten old photo albums from my Grandma of pictures from our childhood. ...more

Monday Moments: Bubbles

There’s nothing better than a few $1 tubes of bubbles to entertain children for an hour on a spring day. We have a concentrated blower who may or may not be ok with her brothers popping her bubbles. The only way to find out is to try, right? ...more

Chicken Avocado Pasta


Monday Moments: Moved

We’re alive! I’ve always loved moving, and this was our 6th house in our 8 years of marriage, so I thought we were good to go. But I was not prepared for what moving means with 4 kids under 6, with a major cough/cold/flu attacking me, a big paper and presentation due for school, interviewing […] ...more

Peanut Butter Date Snacking Bars

Self-checkouts are all the rage these days in grocery stores near me, and I always wonder how they manage to prevent major loss this way since it is would be so easy to bag two things at once, or just skip the bagging process altogether and walk on out with your belongings. ...more