Today Should Be My Dad's 68th Birthday

                     My Uncle And My Dad At My Sister's Wedding Today should be my dad's 68th birthday.  ...more

When You Finish Your Fifth Half Marathon You Get A Medal AND An Engagement Ring

I registered for the Austin Half Marathon months ago with the intention of rocking the course.  I had just completed the Rock n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon while working through an injury.  I felt so proud of just finishing when my body was so out of wack that I set my sights high.  I ended up being sick quite a bit in the time between the end of October and February 19th 2012....more
What a beautiful finish to your race!  Congrats!!!   If your looking for more half marathons to ...more

What To Do When You Lose Your Mojo...

                                                       A painful finish at RNR St....more

16 Beds And A Mattress

  The weather in St. Louis had been rather warm up until yesterday.  It suddenly got cold and there was a light dusting of snow on my car this morning.  Winter is finally here and will not go away until late March....more

Give Me One

** I originally wrote this post in February of 2010 while I was working at the homeless shelter and training for my first half marathon. The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday reminded me of why I wrote this post.**We have a new guest at the shelter and she is well… interesting.  From the moment I met her she struck me as one of those people who will try to get as much as she can out of you.  I understand this to a point. You are homeless, you don’t have much of anything, you have to survive....more

No Owls Were Spotted Tonight

This blog post was written during the MLB playoffs.I went to Hooters for the first time last night.  The guy and I wanted to go somewhere and eat while watching the Cardinals Brewers game.  I enjoy cheering or groaning at the TV with a bunch of baseball loving strangers.  ...more


 During the baseball playoffs my boyfriend, some friends, and I did a coin drive at a Cardinals wild card game against the Phillies.  We were raising money for the American Cancer Society. My boyfriend wore a parrot costume and we did pretty well.  But given that this was a big game we had lots of competition....more

Remembering My Dad, The Proud Veteran

My dad was extremely proud of his time served in the U.S. Army.  He joined during the Vietnam era in the midst of the Tet Offensive.  His draft number was coming up and he knew that it was better to enlist than to be drafted.  My granddad, a former Marine drill sergeant, cried all the way to work after driving my dad to the Army recruiting office....more

A Fried Chicken Thanksgiving

I work one night a week as staff at a homeless shelter.  A church with which I am affiliated allows 16 women to sleep in the room outside of their kitchen during the winter months.  It is an emergency shelter so it is only open during the day.  Some women stay with us all winter. Some only stay a night or two....more