Why I'll go slower and think faster this year

I follow the KISS tenets when making New Year's Resolutions. This year I have only two: move slowly and think faster.  Let me explain. Move slowly: I am going car-less for the first time since adolescence.  A big change.  It means more walking--OK, a LOT more walking.  Planning ahead for the time to do same.  A chance to be in the sunshine (think Vitamin D) and re-connect with the world about me. ...more

What a great community and I just discovered you!

I've been writing all my life, but just entered the blogging world in a public way this summer.  I am still learning about WordPress and plugins and audio podcasting and social media and flicker creative commons, and you name it! After living for 30 years in a major southwest metropolis, I moved about a year ago to a VERY small town. I now know most of my local skunks, foxes, orioles, and WalMart checkout clerks on a first name basis. ...more