Dealing with a Four Year Old Boy.....AGAIN

I walk in from the garage after throwing away some garbage and I’m exhausted. It’s been one of those days and I can’t seem to get caught up between raising children, cleaning, laundry, and figuring out what the heck we’re going to eat for dinner. (Raising kids would be so much more fun if I didn’t have to feed them!)...more

Boys Don't Get As Many Choices as Girls

“Be a man!” I hear someone tell their son.“Don’t throw like a girl!” Someone tells their grandson.“Stop being a wuss,” I hear from the friend.That’s the problem with feminism. We’re so concerned about equality for women that no one is looking at the inequality with boys. Maybe I’m hyper sensitive because I have boys. Maybe I’m too open in my thinking, but the bottom line is the same……Boys don’t get as many choices as girls....more