Should You Make Videos for Your Food Blog?

Making recipe videos is certainly not easy. Neither is making a high-quality food blog. But there are a few reasons it might be worth your while to take on the extra work of video production....more
TheKitchenSnob it's definitely possible! For example heres my blog with the video embedded in ...more

Mashed Potato Waffles


Ginger Fried Chicken

Ginger Fried Chicken Recipe Video (scroll down for printable recipe) // I ordered ginger fried chicken...more

Homemade Marshmallows

Homemade Marshmallows video (scroll down for printable recipe) // Homemade marshmallows are SO EASY. Like, really really really easy. As long as you have a stand mixer with a whisk attachment and a thermometer (see link at the bottom for the one I use)...more

How to Stock a Pantry

Although the subject of how to stock a pantry is covered in depth in an entire chapter of my Learn to Cook book...more

Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza Recipe Video (scroll down for printable recipe) // Tacos and pizza are probably the best-selling food in the US by now. I would wager that they may even beat out burgers. So I can only imagine the kind of hubbub and bedlam that’s gonna go down when this taco pizza recipe gets published ....more

Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake Video (scroll down for printable recipe) // My grandmother Hornsby was pound cake’s biggest fan. Any excuse to break out the frozen Sara Lee, she was right on top of that. A dollop of Cool Whip and maybe a few sliced strawberries and voila ....more

Chili Cheese Enchiladas

Chili Cheese Enchiladas Video (Scroll down for printable recipe) // Chili cheese enchiladas are my go-to order at any unknown Tex-Mex restaurant. At even the weakest excuse for a Tex-Mex place — no matter how bland...more

Homestyle Mexican Cooking Class!

The class Carlos and Chris and I have been working on for three months is finally ready! // more info on our Homestyle Mexican Cooking Course Carlos and I created a Video Cookbook for you with 13 exclusive video recipes...more


Paloma Cocktail Video – scroll down for recipe // If you’ve seen any of the cooking videos I’ve made with Carlos — enchiladas, pollo al carbon, carne asada, choripanes, ponche navideño — you’ve seen us drinking Palomas. Palomas aren’t a new cocktail by any means, but they do seem to have recently been discovered by bartenders and drinkers in the U.S. It’s a simple cocktail, just tequila and grapefruit soda with a touch of salt and lime, but it’s so refreshing. And it’s good for you because the salt helps keep you hydrated when it’s hot outside, right? ...more